Content Data Management Platform Optimization

We can do set up through to execution of very advanced, custom data management solutions.

Content Data Platform (CDP)

  • Unifies all your customer data into one place. Collect information about how a single customer uses your website, app, in-store, social.
  • This means that you can provide personalized experiences at scale, and avoid silos in the business — marketing, sales, customer support all aligned with one vision.
  • Ensure the integrity of your data and save time.
  • GMG can set up the CDP for a company, tie in different databases and help create new ones.
  • Examples: Tealium Audience Stream, Segment

Data Management Platform (DMP)

  • Cookie-based
  • Allows you to run complex analysis on siloed data – you may have information about your customer stored in several different systems and departments. This combines them together.
  • Web analytics through to operational database management systems.
  • Adobe Audience Manager - combines all data from your marketing stack into one platform, in real time.
  • Audience Studio (formerly Salesforce DMP) - understand a customer’s unique footprint across all touch points
  • Oracle BlueKai - personalize online, offline and mobile experiences. Retargeting and optimizing media buys.


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