Audience Segmentation & Retargeting

What it is:

Segment audiences in different ways:
  • Demographics (age, gender, education, occupation)
  • Lifestyle (hobbies, holidays)
  • Values (charities they support)
  • Location
  • Behavior (how they have interacted with your brand / product) – this is the main focus
More on behavioral segmentation:
  • Where they are in the buyer’s journey – people at the attraction/awareness stage will have different questions to people at the education/conversion stage
  • Previous interactions – target people who haven’t responded in a long time with a reintroduction offer
  • Device type – show different CTAs for someone on a mobile

You don’t want to overdo it and create too many segments. Setting a strategy is important to make sure you’re making smart segments to make better marketing content, not just more. Set goals, run tests, continuously learn and improve.

You can segment in:
  • Email campaigns
  • Websites (building different pages for different segments)
  • Social media ads
  • Facebook retargeting ads – when someone who didn’t convert the first time on your website then visits Facebook, they see an ad for the product (using cookies and a Facebook pixel). You could advertise the product, your FAQ section, or your email signup; depending what sort of product you have and how long the buying cycle is
  • Could link your retargeting ads with Facebook forms so you don’t have to do anything manual
  • Google Ads also has retargeting options


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