Game Design & Polish

What it is:

  • We can play test and give user feedback – with a range of perspectives from veteran gamers to casual phone gamers
  • Bring us on to give feedback at alpha or beta release
  • Usability and playability feedback
  • In-house designers to add a little flair and polish on top of the (almost) finished product. Works well for clients who are tired of looking at it and want one last pair of eyes.
  • Level design
  • Monetization options for your game (in-app purchases, buy price, ads) – best practice and recommendations
  • Text and speech within the game suggestions for best global suitability. Make sure you don’t have country-specific terminology – and make sure everything is spelled correctly

Why GMG is well suited to help:

  • Game industry veterans who can give insider intel and help – without you having to hire a game design studio to take over. Keep the product in your hands.
  • We’re not developers and we don’t pretend to be. We are marketers who know what consumers want. We can give you advice on how to improve your game to have a bigger and better impact when you launch it (or relaunch it). We can then handle all of the marketing efforts.
  • A fresh pair of eyes who are just as invested as you are in making a quality game with a good customer lifetime value.


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