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Your brand story needs to be told through attractive and intuitive UI/UX across mobile, web and other applications. Let our experts design a quality experience, optimized for seamless use.

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UI/UX With A Difference

Experts at Game Marketing Genie believe that a product with the best user journey is one that truly succeeds. Our UI/UX solutions are smooth, structured and designed with the audience in mind. Both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) relate to crucial aspects in the product development process and the design discipline - UX relates to all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with your product, while UI complements it through the presentation and interactivity. 


A seamless experience on your website helps convert visitors into customers and enquiries into leads. Get in touch with our experts at Game Marketing Genie for efficient and engaging UI/UX solutions.

Why Game Marketing Genie?

Design expertise optimized for the user

Insights & Data

Instead of trying to guess what your user’s most optimal journey might be, we dive into an in-depth analysis of what your customers would like to see and what they perceive as the best way to interact with a product like yours. Using a data-driven approach, we optimize this to best reflect your brand image and give the user maximum accessibility to connect
with you more easily.

Experience Drives Experience

To deliver a product that exemplifies UI/UX excellence, we’ve assembled a team of the best graphic designers, video & animation experts and content creators who have worked extensively on crafting products that excel on the user side. Whatever the vision might be on your end, our experts can translate it into a product that ticks every checkbox when it comes to exemplary UI/UX.

End-To-End Solutions

Right from the time you come on board as a client, we get to work. Be it auditing your target audience, studying the market, designing wireframes or optimizing the product through analytics, our team leaves no stone unturned to give your users the best experience possible. We map the entire user journey and optimize every touchpoint between the
product and the user.

Solutions For Businesses Of All Sizes

Our experience cuts across industries and markets

conned games

Convert organic traffic into loyal customers on your website with optimized UI/UX solution from Game Marketing Genie experts.

Ensuring A Seamless User Journey


 Flexible Frameworks

When it comes to building a product from scratch, it is important to create a framework of the user journey that serves as a blueprint for the entire design process. As user trends are constantly changing in today’s evolving marketplace, our frameworks are adaptable and can be molded based on your user’s needs.   

Adaptable Processes

Should a particular aspect of your UI/UX need tweaking, we can help mold it into whatever you need it to be. Be it user testing, a UI kit for your developer, a full UI/UX design or delivery of final CSS files and icons, we adapt our processes to fulfil our client’s needs. Once you're happy with the final product, we handover the design for implementation.

Design Variety

Having worked on a variety of products of varying scale, our design team is well-versed in UI/UX. Be it rainbow or monochrome, our design processes go beyond just fonts and images. Be it functional wire-frames with vector software or rearranged bits of paper to approximate a landing page with post-its, we do it all.

Our Case Studies

We have worked with great companies of all sizes


Word Crossy

Infinity Heroes is a word game that encourages players to learn while they play by connecting letters together to form new words on a crossword-style board.


Infinity Heroes

Infinity Heroes is a simultaneous real-time strategy game that aims to breathe new life into the traditional digital card game experience through the alteration of existing decks via in-game actions.


Heading Out Hair & Beauty

Heading Out Hair & Beauty are Melbourne's #1 hairdresser and beauty studio, offering services to some of the most influential personalities in Australia.


Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a mobile role playing game that is set in the Skylanders universe and which sees players building teams of popular characters to fight in a turn-based manner against many well known enemies .


Owls & Vowels

Owls and Vowels is an engaging mobile app word game that encourages players to expand their vocabulary by spelling new words and competing with friends to beat their high score.

I have worked with Game Marketing Genie on a TVC production for our mobile game with millions downloads worldwide. Thanks to Game Marketing Genie, it is on TV now! They are always very professional and attentive. They work very hard and they provide additional service for free after delivery to ensure the perfect end result. I really appreciate that. GMG is a full service agency so we will absolutely consider work with them in more areas and I would like to recommend Game Marketing Genie to all marketers in gaming industry because the experience of being a client is amazing!

Frank F, Word Crossy

Awards & Recognitions

Engaging with us gives you the assurance that you are working with one of the best globally awarded companies


Better Design Drives Better Results

Good UI/UX ultimately boils down to two factors: aesthetic design and ease of use. With changing design trends, testing and reiterating your product should be a key part of the product life cycle for any brand that is looking to stay competitive.

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Get Started With UI/UX Design

Customers online are spoilt for choice today, making it a real buyer’s market. At Game Marketing Genie, we maximize your chances of success by optimizing your website to ensure that every user’s journey is truly unforgettable. From personalization of the design to optimization of conversion rates and everything in between, we are dedicated to enhancing your user experience. This leads to brand loyalty, increased sales and overall customer satisfaction.

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