UX and UI Design

Customers are spoiled for choice in today’s crowded marketplace. If your app or website doesn’t immediately give them what they want — with navigation they can understand and enticing presentation — they’ll leave to find something better. Quality user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design is vital to any successful product.

Smooth or Clunky?

The user experience (UX) of your digital product should be smooth, structured, and designed with the audience in mind. We conduct research to discover pain points, user goals and audience emotions. We then use these findings to create wire-frames and test these with real people to understand the user journey. We are open to whatever works for our clients: we’ve built functional wire-frames with vector software and we’ve rearranged bits of paper to approximate a landing page with post-its and sticky dots.

Rainbow or Monochrome?

The user interface (UI) isn’t just the font you choose for your header. It’s the images you want people to look at, the buttons you want people to click, the text you want them to read. Your digital product needs to look beautiful and be usable. And most importantly, it cannot get stale. Design trends change, and a perfect product a year ago might already look out of date now. Testing and reiterating should be a key part of your product lifecycle so it doesn’t look dated.

How We Can Help

We can dip into your process wherever it works best for you. Need some help with user testing? Want a UI kit for your developer? Or are you after a full UI and UX design with final CSS files and icons delivered? We are flexible, adaptable and love helping clients realize their product goals.


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