Mobile Marketing

Mobile and tablet traffic has overtaken desktop traffic, so having a mobile marketing strategy is a must for any modern digital company. Future-proof your marketing strategy by using push notifications, optimizing your pages and sending targeted SMS messages to your customer at the right place and right time.

Right Time, Right Place

Push notification strategy should be different for every industry and audience segment, and when used skillfully, can blend seamlessly into your other marketing efforts to deliver timely and personalized messages. Send a customer a message when they’re near your store or while they are browsing certain sections of your app or playing a level of your game. Give people the messages they want to see - when they want to see them - to get the results your business needs.

Mobile-optimized Pages

It’s not just building a responsive website. With modern technology we can build mobile-optimized pages so your customers on the go will see your physical address first or will be able to easily click your phone number to call it. Take away the barriers between your customer and the sale.

SMS Marketing

Text message marketing has limitations – in character length and in format – but these constraints don’t hold it back from delivering a strong return on investment. SMS messages have a 98% open rate, and 75% of consumers are happy to receive SMS messages from brands. We can help set up an SMS marketing strategy and platform for clients, and then optimize the messages to get clear, concise and clickable content.


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