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Engage our team of experts to develop social media strategies that help you chart your course. We design and manage campaigns to promote your content, and drive qualified action online.  

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Growing Your Brand On Social

As a part of social media strategy we create a detailed blueprint of plans to achieve business objectives on social media. Our customized plans answer - what, when, how, and why, for all the content you post on your social media, with an aim to maximize engagement and interactions. Hence, we give your marketing campaigns a strong foundation for boosting your business.


Are you capturing the full potential of social media? It’s hard to keep up with new platforms, tools, strategies, and trends emerging all the time.
Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Why Game Marketing Genie?

Create engagement, insight, and action for brand loyalty 

Set & Reach Goals

If you’re struggling to define and finalize your social media goals – don’t sweat it. Let the experts do it. The professionals at Game Marketing Genie start the process by looking at the metrics you should be tracking to improve your ROI. We will then help you create attainable, actionable goals to support your business objectives, with a plan of
how to get there.

Market to Who Matters

Game Marketing Genie’s channel mix strategy across multiple social channels is informed by your competitor activity, your target personas and your goals. Are you a B2B? Well then we might focus on LinkedIn with a SlideShare strategy. About to launch a new game? We might suggest a diverse channel mix, with organic and paid ads. Each client and product is different and our strategies reflect that.

Best Practices and Beyond

The experts at Game Marketing Genie will work with you on creating the right tone and messaging for your brand on social media. In order to be successful, you will need to strike a balance between your corporate goals and your audience’s lexicon. We’ll create social media themes and a calendar, with best practice guidelines - like what time you should post on social and how often you should do it.

Solutions For Businesses Of All Sizes

Our experience cuts across industries and markets

conned games

Marketing on social media without a strategy is like starting out on a road trip without a GPS! Let the experts at Game Marketing Genie steer you in the right direction, with a strong social media strategy.

We 'Think Beyond' To Identify Opportunity


Social Networks

You don’t need to be on every social media network out there - your audience may only be utilizing two social networks! Our experts start by researching, studying your audience. We leverage our expertise in data science, and use metrics, to figure out - where your audience is and what they're saying about you – and finally choose your social networks wisely.

Game Plan

A successful social media strategy is a product of proper planning, and consistent execution. This is where the Game Marketing Genie professionals step in. We start by creating a content calendar - choosing your content wisely and prepping in advance to keep the schedule organized, efficient and effective.

Connect, Engage

Our experts use social media to connect with your customers. The aim is to make your engagement personal, and seek out conversations about your specific industry. We further engage your brand in these conversations and make relevant connections. As we work to build this rapport, your niche audience will automatically reach out.

Our Case Studies

We have worked with great companies of all sizes


Word Crossy

Infinity Heroes is a word game that encourages players to learn while they play by connecting letters together to form new words on a crossword-style board.


Infinity Heroes

Infinity Heroes is a simultaneous real-time strategy game that aims to breathe new life into the traditional digital card game experience through the alteration of existing decks via in-game actions.


Heading Out Hair & Beauty

Heading Out Hair & Beauty are Melbourne's #1 hairdresser and beauty studio, offering services to some of the most influential personalities in Australia.


Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a mobile role playing game that is set in the Skylanders universe and which sees players building teams of popular characters to fight in a turn-based manner against many well known enemies .


Owls & Vowels

Owls and Vowels is an engaging mobile app word game that encourages players to expand their vocabulary by spelling new words and competing with friends to beat their high score.

I have worked with Game Marketing Genie on a TVC production for our mobile game with millions downloads worldwide. Thanks to Game Marketing Genie, it is on TV now! They are always very professional and attentive. They work very hard and they provide additional service for free after delivery to ensure the perfect end result. I really appreciate that. GMG is a full service agency so we will absolutely consider work with them in more areas and I would like to recommend Game Marketing Genie to all marketers in gaming industry because the experience of being a client is amazing!

Frank F, Word Crossy

Awards & Recognitions

Engaging with us gives you the assurance that you are working with one of the best globally awarded companies


Tap Into The Power Of Social Media!

With 3.8 billion daily active social media users worldwide, there’s no denying that your audience is spending time on social media. Unfortunately, 'hoping to go viral' isn’t a strategy. When done well, a social media strategy should be structured around your business goals, brand identity and target audience, to deliver effective results.

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Get Started On
Social Media Strategy

You should partner with Game Marketing Genie to manage your social media strategy, as we maintain full transparency so you can see our efforts are increasing your online revenue. Our custom, in-depth reporting measures include:

  • Social media campaign reports with complete summary of your social media performance.
  • Systematic breakdown of the social media tasks performed, powered by data analysis that indicates your ROI and identifies areas of improvement.
  • Dedicated team of experts to respond to queries or troubleshoot.

Game Marketing Genie’s commitment to offering effective social media marketing strategies will create a valuable network resource for your online marketing needs. Get in touch today!

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