Social Media Strategy

With 3.2 billion daily active social media users worldwide, there’s no denying that your audience is spending time on social media. Unfortunately, “hoping to go viral on Instagram” isn’t a strategy! When it’s done well, your social media strategy will be structured around your business goals, what your brand is and who you’re targeting to deliver results that make the investment worth it.

Do you need social media?

The short answer: yes. Social media is an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness, show your product in a more personal way and build relationships with your customers. It’s essential to be a part of the wider conversation when it comes to your industry. Don’t let your competitors dominate just because they have a Twitter account.

Goal setting

We will look at the metrics you should be tracking to improve your business – not the vanity metrics that only serve to make your reports look good. We will help you create attainable, actionable goals to support your business objectives, with a plan of how to get there.

Where to be

Our channel mix strategy is informed by your competitor activity, your target personas and your goals. B2B? We might focus on LinkedIn with a SlideShare strategy. Launching a game? We might suggest a diverse channel mix, with organic and paid ads. Each client and product is different and our strategies reflect that.

What to post

We’ll work with you on creating tone of voice guidelines for how your brand should sound on social media. You need to strike a balance between your corporate goals and your audience’s lexicon. We’ll create social media themes and a calendar, with best practice guidelines like what time you should post on Facebook and how often you should tweet.

High-level plan or nitty gritty?

Some clients just want a high-level strategy with best practice guides and a calendar. Others want us to write the posts and share on their behalf. Have a look at our social media marketing page for more information.


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