Social Media Marketing

Once your social media strategy is set, your social media presence needs constant attention to keep it alive. Content creation and curation, running targeted ads, campaign management and reporting are all an integral part of any modern marketing mix.

Social Media Advertising

Focus on your audience with laser precision, showcase your product through photos or video, and reach 2.7 billion monthly users. Oh, and did we mention it’s cost-effective, too? There’s a reason Facebook advertising continues to be one of our most popular channels.

We can run ads across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn; create lead forms and send potential clients right to your inbox; and you’ll only pay for the people who genuinely want your product. Combined with a retargeting and audience segmentation plan, it’s the smartest way to drive customers to your product.

Content Creation

Filling a social media calendar can be hard work! You need to write posts to appeal to a specific audience, show your brand is across topical issues, and keep a good mix of images, video and interactive content. Outsourcing this to GMG means your brand voice is in good hands, with in-house content writers, marketing strategists, designers and animators that all have proven experience.

Campaign Goals

Launching a new app/game, setting up brand new channels, or wanting to run a seasonal campaign? We offer packages for clients with specific social media goals. We’ll write the strategy and build the content for one-off campaigns and long-running presences alike.

Know What Works

Measurement is key to everything we do on social media. We create regular reports that show the results we’re achieving and how they align to your business goals. Mining the data leads to better understanding of your product and your audience, helping you understand what’s working and what’s not.


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