Search Engine Optimization


Gone are the days when you could stuff a page with keywords and let Google drive visitors your way. Search engines have grown much more sophisticated, and search engine optimization is now about making sure your page is clear, readable, and set up for success — and supported with relevant and useful metadata and back-links.

Brand Research

Before we decide on a single keyword to work on, we do thorough research about your brand, product/service, industry and competitors; and follow that up with an audit of your website. This forms our detailed SEO strategy and plan, so that transparent communication flows both ways from the start.

On-page and Off-page

There’s more than meets the eye with a web page's search engine ranking. Your page’s keywords, headings, images and metadata are all vital to your page being considered useful (by both robot crawlers and humans). But we also look at your back-links, domain authority, and social promotion to build a long-term plan so your page continues to hold a valued spot in the rankings.

Smarter, not Simpler

While usually the simple solution is the best one, when it comes to keywords, we think long-tail phrases are best. There’s no point in trying to trend for “game”, when that will scoop in anyone searching for game development, stores to buy Scrabble, or even exotic meat. “App store driving game” would be a far more suitable phrase included in our keyword mix. We always want to be writing SEO pages that increase your valuable traffic, not just bring you to the top of search for phrases that don’t mean sales.

Team Effort

Game Marketing Genie will supply SEO experts, digital strategists and content creators to bring you a solution that balances technical needs with creative flair. We will use the best software for your brand (including Google, Keyword Planner and Moz) and intelligent content marketing techniques to ensure quality organic traffic, and ultimately, increased sales.

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