Tag Management

As our world grows increasingly more digital, our tools for measuring the user experience get more and more sophisticated. This has led to the explosion of tag management tools, which collect and consolidate data about what users are doing on your site. Game Marketing Genie can help you implement these tools, optimize your set up, and make sure you are harvesting the data that is most relevant to your business and your goals.

What does a Tag Management Platform do?

You may have Google Analytics, conversion tracking and affiliate programs all running on your site, all requiring individual snippets of code to be added separately. A tag management platform organizes all of this into one spot, so you can quickly and easily run new code on your site. It keeps things cleaner, simpler and more organized.

Set up and Optimize

We have hands-on experience with diverse tag management platforms, including Google Tag Manager, Tealium iQ, Adobe Launch and Ensighten. Our expertise is across the entire lifecycle - from selecting a tag management provider, installing the solution and ensuring it is fit-for-purpose for your company’s needs. We can set up a new solution, consolidate existing platforms or streamline your existing operation.

Re-marketing Tags

Tags are not just restricted to web analytics. We can create and deploy marketing tags across your site and the internet – ad pixels for search advertising, DSP pixels for programmatic advertising and Facebook pixels for social media advertising.

Tag Audit

We’ve discovered that even clients with a solution in place can benefit from a tag audit. We can prepare a report that shows the quick wins, easy fixes and the work that will require further development time and resources balanced against the benefits this will bring to your company in efficiency. It’s up to you what you action and what you leave as-is.


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