Connect and Unify Data With Tag Management

Game Marketing Genie experts can help you implement sophisticated tools that measure user experience, and optimize them to harvest data that is relevant to your business goals.  

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Deliver Value With Tags

A tag is a short snippet of code that businesses implement on their website to collect data for analytics and digital marketing tools. Game Marketing Genie experts organize a system where all tags are placed within a single master set of code, designed to help manage the lifecycle of e-marketing tags. These are used to integrate third-party software into digital properties such as websites and web applications. We take care of the Google Analytics, conversion tracking and affiliate programs all running on your website, to set you up for success. 


Too many tags slowing your website down? Tagging just too hard? Streamline the process of tracking and using user interaction data. Get in touch with Game Marketing Genie professionals.

Why Game Marketing Genie?

Tag monitoring for unparalleled data quality.

End-to-End Tag Management

Game Marketing Genie implements end-to-end TM implementation and maintenance, across the entire lifecycle - from selecting a tag management provider, installing the solution to ensuring it is fit for your company’s needs. We have hands-on experience with diverse tag management platforms, including Google Tag Manager, Tealium iQ, Adobe Launch and Ensighten. We can set up a new solution, or streamline your existing operation to ensure that your objectives are satisfied.

Re-marketing Tags

Tags are not just restricted to web analytics. The experts at Game Marketing Genie can create and deploy marketing tags across your site and the internet –  right from ad pixels for search advertising, DSP pixels for programmatic advertising to Facebook pixels for social media advertising. Once your tag is in place, our experts can launch remarketing campaigns with tailored, dynamic ads based on the pages players visited and actions they took on your web site.

Tag Audit

The experienced team at Game Marketing Genie has discovered that even clients with a solution in place can benefit from a tag audit. Auditing the tags on your website can ensure accurate data, and decide the way forward. We can prepare a report that displays the quick wins, easy fixes and the work that will require further development time, and resources balanced against the benefits this will bring to your company in efficiency. We recommend, you decide the course.

Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Our experience cuts across many industries and markets.

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The Game Marketing Genie experts will optimize your tags for superior data quality and real usable insights. Get a better picture of your customer journey with our tag manager implementation and maintenance.

Deploy a Tag Management Solution to Bring Order to the Chaos


Analyze Your Tagging Needs

Our experts understand that the needs and complexities of a tag management solution depends on the industry, product listings, and customer understanding. As your partner and service provider, we will brainstorm different ideas and identify the right tag management tool to make sure that it supports your present goals as well as future forecasts.

Tracking With Data Layers

A data layer-based tag management system becomes an absolute necessity if one is to perform advanced user analysis, create customer paths, and deliver highly targeted promotions. We recognize that a data layer based tag management system represents the promise of omnichannel marketing that marketers strive to achieve.

Reporting, Post-implementation

Once the tag management solution is in place, our experts test it thoroughly in a staging environment to avoid duplication and misfiring of tags. We maintain detailed records of tag level fluctuations or changes, capture insights to understand the needs of your online target audience, and identify gaps and areas to improve your tag management process.

Our Case Studies

We have worked with great companies of all sizes!


Word Crossy

Word Crossy is a word game that encourages players to learn while they play by connecting letters together to form new words on a crossword-style board.


Infinity Heroes

Infinity Heroes is a simultaneous real-time strategy game that aims to breathe new life into the traditional digital card game experience through the alteration of existing decks via in-game actions.


Heading Out Hair & Beauty

Heading Out Hair & Beauty are Melbourne's #1 hairdresser and beauty studio, offering services to some of the most influential personalities in Australia.


Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a mobile role playing game that is set in the Skylanders universe and which sees players building teams of popular characters to fight in a turn-based manner against many well known enemies .


Owls & Vowels

Owls and Vowels is an engaging mobile app word game that encourages players to expand their vocabulary by spelling new words and competing with friends to beat their high score.



Roffles is a brand that offers small-scale prize giveaways that enable users to purchase tickets and a premium currency known as Roffle Bucks to enter draws at a low cost with high chances to win prizes including technology, holidays, money and more.


Red Apple Reading

Red Apple Reading is an educational learning platform that helps parents move their children away from bright screens and into reading, and was built after the founder realized that many children across North America had significant gaps in their basic reading skills.



TIKS is a workplace safety company based out of Australia that has developed their own visitor management system (VMS) solution to counter COVID-19 and other issues.

I have worked with Game Marketing Genie on a TVC production for our mobile game with millions downloads worldwide. Thanks to Game Marketing Genie, it is on TV now! They are always very professional and attentive. They work very hard and they provide additional service for free after delivery to ensure the perfect end result. I really appreciate that. GMG is a full service agency so we will absolutely consider work with them in more areas and I would like to recommend Game Marketing Genie to all marketers in gaming industry because the experience of being a client is amazing!

Frank F, Word Crossy

Awards and Recognition

Engaging with us gives you the assurance that you are working with a globally awarded game marketing agency.


Wondering how to implement a TMS?

Before you implement a tag management system, you need to conduct a sample tag audit. Our TMS experts will help you determine what technologies are deployed for now, while also building a tag management strategy best-suited for your business.

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Get Started On Tag Management

When you are working with Game Marketing Genie, you are fully supported with a team of the brightest minds in the tag management industry.

  • Our experience across all of the leading tag management systems ensures efficient work flow and seamless migration.
  • We have experience deploying the most complicated marketing tags. We’ll work in partnership with your tag vendor to ensure a timely, successful deployment.
  • Learn the best practices from our experts to ensure you won’t have to completely re-architect your tag management ever again!

Do you have a unique requirement or a chronic problem that needs fixing? Get working with experts that thrive in handling common implementations, as well as complex situations. Let’s discuss your needs.

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