Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a fast and efficient way to stretch your ad budget while targeting even more niche segments of your target market. Programmatic advertising will soon make up 88% of display ad budgets and it’s clear to see why. We can create the strategy and optimize the solution — from idea through to result.


Advertising automation

Programmatic advertising works by using sophisticated algorithms to match a website visitor with an advertisement. Each time you load a website, advertisers bid for your attention – based on your website cookies, your location and whether you’re a return visitor. This process is automated and seamless for the user and hands-off for the advertiser.

Cost-effective and fast

Programmatic advertising is extremely cost-effective for two reasons – it’s mostly automated and it allows a very targeted approach. With niche targeting and budget requirements, it will only show your advertisement to the niche segments you specify. Your business software ad won’t be shown to teenagers looking for the next big thing in gaming.

Skip the how-to guides

You don’t need to understand demand-side platforms and data management platforms to make this work. Bring us your product, tell us who you want to target and we can make it happen.

Lower your risk

Our experience is focused on ensuring that brands have their ads displayed on appropriate publisher sites. Brand reputation is priceless and it can be damaging to have your ads appear on videos or sites you’d rather not be associated with. It’s not worth gambling with your company’s future – trust the experts.


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