Influencer Marketing

What it is:

  • Ad blockers are on the rise, especially amongst the younger generation, and social media platforms are changing their algorithms to bury brand content. This is making it harder and more expensive to directly target your customer online.
  • 92% of consumers have more trust in recommendations from other people than brands and 82% of people were more likely to buy something a micro-influencer recommended them.
  • In this new landscape, the best way to connect with your audience is by getting your product in the right hands – and letting the influencers do the selling for you.
  • Influencer marketing isn’t just for celebrity endorsements. Micro-influencer content is 6.7 times more efficient at targeting audiences than bigger influencers.
  • Lower cost than traditional marketing.
  • Can be used in any industry and on any platform. Twitch for streamers, Instagram for beauty bloggers.

Why GMG is well suited to help:

With a databse of 100,000+ influencers, we can do the grunt work for you in finding the influencers and managing the relationship.


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