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Influencer marketing at Game Marketing Genie involves identifying, researching, engaging, and supporting people with an excellent level of knowledge or social influence in their field and can create high-impact conversations with customers. Our marketing strategies are in the form of collaborations that involve employing leading, niche content creators to improve brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive your brand's message to your target audience. In addition, we leverage real-time data to optimize the performance of your campaigns constantly. Fortunately for you, this is all made easier with our machine learning, AI-driven platform. Check it out today over at Atisfyreach!


The Game Marketing Genie experts will show you how to build your brand, drive social engagement, and meet the goals you have - wherever you are in the world.

Why Game Marketing Genie?

Quality content + the right influencer = MAGIC!

Bespoke Campaigns

At Game Marketing Genie, we are experts at creating tailor-made campaign concepts based your brand objectives and desired results to transform them into potentially viral social media content. From our network of influencers, we pick the best fit candidates for your brand who can create meaningful content to tell your brand story. For our bespoke campaigns, we assign a dedicated team for your brand that works with you from start to finish, ensuring a seamless execution.

The Right Platform

At Game Marketing Genie, we have had the privilege to work with some powerful content creators to drive impact beyond imagination. Tap into 10 million+ influencers with our AI-driven self serve influencer platform Atisfyreach, which helps you shortlist the right influencers and activate the right campaigns. Influencers apply by sending bids on how best they can share your story with their followers - driving views, attention, engagement, conversions and positive ROI.

Product Reviews

At Game Marketing Genie, we swear by the power of authenticity. We understand that gamers are looking for relatability, and influencers are today’s seal of approval and reliability. Our influencer marketing specialists use product reviews from online and offline marketing channels such as your website, advertisements, email marketing campaigns, and mobile apps to create a compelling digital shopping experience for your target audience.

Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Our experience cuts across industries and markets

conned games

We create insights that matter, ideas that inspire, and impact that makes a difference. Increase your business opportunities with Game Marketing Genie.

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Planned Media Mix

Our creative and influencer marketing experts start by taking a holistic review of your business to determine how an influencer campaign will fit into your marketing strategy. We formulate a high-level media-mix plan for your business to employ various mediums such as email, websites, and social media, in your overall marketing strategy.

Select Influencers

Our AI-powered, exclusive influencer marketing platform dynamically analyzes content across its database of 10 million influencers to find the right influencers for your brand. With an easy-to-interpret, highly informative report system and dashboard that lets you view influencer campaign performance metrics in real-time, influencer marketing is easy with Atisfyreach!

Track Success

Keeping an eye on the effectiveness of your campaign can provide a clear picture of year-over-year value. We go beyond likes and engagement to measure true business impact in terms of effective ROI. Our clients get a 360-degree performance measurement with brand-lift studies and feedback for improvements.

Our Case Studies

We have worked with great companies of all sizes!

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Recyclings Run

Recyclings Run is an endless runner game, developed in conjunction with the Recyclings line of toys. In Recyclings Run, players collect bottle caps to create new characters and can unlock new accessories for their characters by collecting currency.

61646064_2367455470134689_4856837413038718976_nMonstrum 2

Monstrum 2 is the long-awaited multiplayer sequel to the smash hit survival horror game Monstrum. Players must explore Sparrowlock, a procedurally-generated sea labyrinth, while figuring out how to escape as deadly monsters hunt them down — who are also playable!


AO Tennis Smash

AO Tennis Smash is the official game of the Australian Open. In this 3D tennis game, users play as avatars that take to the courts at the Australian Open and swipe their way to victory with vicious topspin, biting slices, and powerful flat shots.


Word Crossy

Word Crossy is a word game that encourages players to learn while they play by connecting letters together to form new words on a crossword-style board.


Infinity Heroes

Infinity Heroes is a simultaneous real-time strategy game that aims to breathe new life into the traditional digital card game experience through the alteration of existing decks via in-game actions.


Heading Out Hair & Beauty

Heading Out Hair & Beauty are Melbourne's #1 hairdresser and beauty studio, offering services to some of the most influential personalities in Australia.


Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a mobile role playing game that is set in the Skylanders universe and which sees players building teams of popular characters to fight in a turn-based manner against many well known enemies .


Owls & Vowels

Owls and Vowels is an engaging mobile app word game that encourages players to expand their vocabulary by spelling new words and competing with friends to beat their high score.



Roffles is a brand that offers small-scale prize giveaways that enable users to purchase tickets and a premium currency known as Roffle Bucks to enter draws at a low cost with high chances to win prizes including technology, holidays, money and more.


Red Apple Reading

Red Apple Reading is an educational learning platform that helps parents move their children away from bright screens and into reading, and was built after the founder realized that many children across North America had significant gaps in their basic reading skills.



TIKS is a workplace safety company based out of Australia that has developed their own visitor management system (VMS) solution to counter COVID-19 and other issues.

I have worked with Game Marketing Genie on a TVC production for our mobile game with millions downloads worldwide. Thanks to Game Marketing Genie, it is on TV now! They are always very professional and attentive. They work very hard and they provide additional service for free after delivery to ensure the perfect end result. I really appreciate that. GMG is a full service agency so we will absolutely consider work with them in more areas and I would like to recommend Game Marketing Genie to all marketers in gaming industry because the experience of being a client is amazing!

Frank F, Word Crossy

We had a great collaboration with the Game Marketing Genie team, with aligned incentives that helped us grow. It was a true partnership. We encourage other brands to get in touch and explore what they can do for you.

Marc Gamet, Kuak Pty. Ltd.

Game Marketing Genie and our account manager had excellent communication with us and were a pleasure to consult with. We appreciate the step-by-step process they enacted and believe they acted professionally when working on our campaign. For anyone considering working with GMG, we'd recommend that they definitely make contact!

Chris Christou,
Corporate Piranha Entertainment Pty. Ltd.

The team at Game Marketing Genie was very dependable. We always got answers to our questions, and they handled all requests well during the campaign. Working with GMG helped us understand the potential for our game, which in turn helped us put plans in place. Any brands considering GMG for their next campaign should reach out to find out what they can do for you.

Arjun Gopal, Headstart International

Game Marketing Genie knows that while marketing can bring in players, retention is key to a game's longevity. We would recommend that other gaming studios try out their services as they are very experienced in the game marketing industry.

Jimmy Lin, Junkfish

Awards and Recognition

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94% of marketers use influencer marketing because it drives 11x more ROI than traditional marketing. Partner with Game Marketing Genie to reach a larger audience, increase conversions, trust, brand awareness and ROI.

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