Email Marketing

There’s a common misconception that email marketing is old-fashioned compared to the newer flashier online advertising options. But email can be a better organic strategy than social media – with 72% of consumers preferring promotional messages to come through email.

It’s also incredibly cost-effective. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI – it’s a compelling option for any brand.

Setting the Strategy

Our strategies dive deep into understanding your brand before asking:

  • What platform should you use?
  • How often should you contact your customers and with what messages?
  • What should your design look like?
  • How should your tone of voice sound?

Automation and Segmentation

We can take you into the next frontier of email marketing that ensures customer loyalty and scales up your marketing efforts: personalization and segmentation.

Two weeks since a customer has opened your app? Send them a promo code and get them back. Someone’s downloaded two PDFs on your site? Reach out with a personal introduction. Automated marketing emails can nurture your customers through every step until your sales team can swoop in to close the deal – saving you time, money and effort.

Design and Content

GMG's designers can create beautiful email layouts and images that drive engagement and clicks while remaining on-brand.

Our in-house content creators can write clear body copy, enticing headlines and calls to action your audience will want to click. We’ll create a content schedule for your newsletter and trial different content for different groups, at different times. Every email will be a science experiment to discover more about your brand and your audience.

Analyzing the Results

We’ll run reports, create visualizations, and run A/B tests on every element, from send time to button color. Data is at the core of everything we do, and discovering the best ways to optimize your content for your audience is always going to be one of our core strategy goals.


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