Monstrum 2
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Monstrum 2

mission-logo The Mission

Monstrum 2 is the long-awaited multiplayer sequel to the smash hit survival horror game Monstrum. Players must explore Sparrowlock, a procedurally-generated sea labyrinth, while figuring out how to escape as deadly monsters hunt them down — who are also playable!

Junkfish needed an experienced game marketing agency to help them run a campaign for their newly launched Steam game with the goal of audience identification and player acquisition. They were looking to target US, UK and German audiences, with France and Canada as an additional backup.

process-logo The Process

Powered by the popularity of Team Junkfish’s predecessor to Monstrum, the team at Game Marketing Genie created a custom strategy that included audience and interests identification, the end-to-end creation of a paid ads campaign launched across carefully selected ad platforms, and continuous optimization.

As a Steam game, Monstrum 2 required a little more work than other games as the Steam platform only allows traffic campaigns. This meant that UTMs were required to track the campaign and determine the best sources of traffic.

The campaign included the following:

  • Detailed audience identification based on interests, demographics, and geographical locations
  • A series of ad sets and accompanying creatives that targeted different audience groups and were launched across Facebook, Google, Reddit, and Twitter Ads
  • A landing page suggestions document that detailed how to help the Monstrum 2 landing page perform better
  • A/B testing and optimization of copy, creatives, and allocated budget

result-logo The Results

Their Steam advertising strategy was driven by data, the company’s previous successes with Monstrum, and custom target audiences. It attracted and converted players interested in the survival horror genre through multichannel campaigns launched across multiple platforms to increase engagement.

Monstrum 2’s Facebook campaign received 64% of the total conversions. Users between 25 and 34 gave the most link clicks, and males provided the most conversions.

The Google Ads campaign achieved the best average cost per click at $0.08.

Overall, the strategy resulted in 5,000+ new Steam conversions at a cost per conversion of $5.34, which massively exceeded the client’s goal of $9.50.

New Conversions     
Average Cost Per Click
Average Cost per Conversion
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