How to Grow Your App User Base: 6 Key Mobile Game Marketing Strategies

by Game Marketing Genie, on 07-Dec-2018 14:23:51

The mobile app industry is as profitable as ever, which is not surprising since people now spend five hours per day on their smartphones.

However, the sheer number of mobile apps available across a variety of marketplaces has made the landscape over saturated and highly competitive. This is making it harder for app developers, including those who make mobile game apps, to build a user base and retain them in the long run. 

The numbers can look a little scary if you are delving into mobile marketing with a new product. To help ease the pain, Google has made improvements in the app installation process by applying more effort in understanding mobile app users. You can do the same when it comes to looking at your gamer demographic to grow your app’s user base.

Here are six digital strategies which you can follow to grow your app base:

  1. Identify the ideal target audience for your app
  2. Consider using installed app category targeting
  3. Know your current users with in-app tracking
  4. Attract users to your app through email marketing
  5. Engage your users
  6. Consider running re-targeting ad campaigns to increase conversions

1. Identify the ideal target audience for your app

Growing your app base starts with identifying your ideal target audience. Doing this will make it easier to draft your mobile game app marketing plan to reach and attract those gamers more effectively.

One good way of learning about your mobile game’s target audience is by looking at the current users of other mobile games that are somewhat similar to yours. Supplement this by doing audience research through Google and Facebook where you’ll find plenty of free data on user demographics and behavior.

Mobile Game App Marketing

2. Consider using installed app category targeting

Once you know your target audience, it’s now time to, well, target your ads to reach them. Using Google’s Display Network app installs campaigns, you can advertise your mobile app to the users of similar games. Twitter for Business also allows you to reach users based on categories of installed apps. If you're struggling to do this, reach out to a game marketing agency that can help!

3. Know your current users with in-app tracking

Once you start to attract a user base, the next step is to make sure that these users don’t immediately uninstall your game or stop using it. Remember, low user retention is a major problem in mobile app marketing today.

You can observe your users’ activity with in-app tracking such as Google Analytics for mobile apps. This method of data gathering can offer useful insight on what your mobile game users are doing on your app after they install it, how much time they’re spending, what keeps them playing your game and what makes them leave – so you can customize a user retention plan that will keep both new and established users engaged and coming back.

4. Attract users to your app through email marketing

Email marketing is an often-overlooked aspect of mobile game app marketing, although it’s one of the most effective.

If you already have a good mailing list, utilize this to advertise to people who have shown an interest but may not have installed your app yet. You can also send out emails to app users offering them incentives for getting their friends to download the game.

E-mail Marketing

5. Engage your users

Don’t be afraid to interact directly with your users via the app or social media. Encouraging conversation can help build your gamer community. A strong community will help to attract and retain new users. Your social media community can also be involved in sharing your content and become a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Bejeweled rose from 702 to 182 in the Apple App store after the company behind it had Instagram influencers share photos of themselves playing the game with the hashtag #shinyplace and those were quickly reshared.

Encourage users to leave feedback on your mobile game app and get the insight you need from your player base. Find out what made them decide to choose your app. Fluffy Fairy saw a 28% higher conversion by simply changing the invite message that potential users were receiving.

Whether it’s through in-app rating or your social media accounts, make an effort to hear what your current users have to say. This will give you the necessary input to identify the weak and strong points of your game and marketing strategy, so you can make the changes needed for better performance and profit.

6. Consider running retargeting ad campaigns to increase conversions

It is estimated by Inc. that only 2% of first-time visitors online will convert to actual purchases. So, how can you reach the other 98% of those people with your mobile app marketing?

Retargeting or remarketing is a type of online advertising that is designed to attract people who viewed your website and left without installing your app. It does so by showing them your ads when they browse other websites.

Running retargeting ad campaigns is an effective way of persuading people who have already shown interest in your mobile game app by reminding them about it and giving a little extra nudge to install the app.

Growing your mobile game app’s user base (and retaining them) takes planning and research. Thankfully, there are plenty of strategies to incorporate into a strong marketing plan to get your game to the top.

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Final thoughts

Acquisition and engagement can be a daunting task, but once secured will push you past your competitors in the mobile game market. It will also make the engagement for the next game you develop an easier undertaking.

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