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The last two decades have seen tremendous gains in the mobile gaming world. What may have started for many as a casual game of Snake on Nokia phones is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Mobile games are set to become 60% of the market share in 2022 (source:

Gaming consumer spend

Figure 1: Worldwide consumer spending on games. Source:

Although the mobile game market saturation is doing well to keep the industry alive and on-the-go gamers happy, it's becoming increasingly difficult for developers to penetrate the market. As a result, game devs are re-evaluating their tactics, and influencer marketing strategies are somethign that's catching on.

YouTube content creators, Twitch personalities, and Instagram celebrities are now the leading source of information in the gaming community. Business Insider states that 95 percent of gamers visit their pages for tips, game reviews, and walkthroughs.

If you're looking to bring influencers to market your game, this article highlights the steps you need to follow to win at mobile app marketing.

Why influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing uses influential social media users to spread the word about your product/service, in this case, your mobile video game. An influencer is someone with the power to influence the life decisions of their fans and followers. Influencers are well-known and respected in their areas of specialization and may have a large following on their social media pages.

Influencer marketing works because of the trust social media influencers have built with their followers, as mentioned in our blog
here on Atisfyreach. Their recommendations, therefore, serve as the social proof brands need to connect with targeted audiences.

Consumers have many options when it comes to the products they can buy. The demand for their attention is rising, with brands creating various advertisements to connect with them online. Customers are starting to lose sight of who they can trust, and to filter all the noise; they are turning to ad blockers.

Such extreme measures make it difficult for brands to reach their audience in the digital landscape.

Brands looking for a secure way to grab their ideal audience's attention are working with people who already have their ear: the social media influencers they have chosen to follow.

Partnering with social media influencers helps brands reach their target audience effectively, resulting in a high engagement rate. Relevant influencers place brands in front of users who are already interested in their products. This encourages more people to engage with the content, which helps improve brand awareness.

The audience also follows the influencers' recommendations, thus generating good results for marketing spend. A recent study by Tomoson found that influencer marketing yields some $6.50 for every dollar spent, which is higher than other marketing methods.

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Your guide to mobile game influencer marketing

Follow these steps to create a successful app marketing strategy that will help you connect with the gaming community.

Know your goals and target audience

The first step in your video game marketing campaign is to define your goals and target audience. Setting clear goals and figuring out your audience will help you find relevant influencers to collaborate with and guide you on how to package the promotional content to connect with your audience effectively.

Elevating brand awareness and increasing sales are two of the most common reasons for running influencer campaigns. However, instead of setting such broad targets as your goals, hone in on your brand's needs at that particular time to make your marketing more effective.

Perhaps you want to boost your customer base in a younger demographic or expand into a new customer group with a new game. Setting clear goals will help you track your marketing efforts to see if your strategy is working or needs changing to improve your performance. Work with a video game marketing agency to set clear goals and determine the metrics that need to be tracked to achieve those goals.

Choose the right influencer

Influencer campaign

Figure 2: Finding the best influencers isn't easy. Source: Mediakix

61 percent of marketers struggle to find relevant influencers for a campaign. If you're not careful, you will end up with an influencer who isn't suitable for your brand, and this will make it difficult for you to attract players for your game.

Since you are marketing a mobile game, you should only consider influencers in the right niche, as mentioned in our blog here. Don't go for a celebrity who hasn't played a video game in his life just because they have a considerable following. Instead, find experienced gamers who know what they are talking about and ask them to promote your game to their followers.

The best platforms to find gaming influencers are YouTube and Twitch. Influencers stream gaming content on these platforms and have thousands of fans tuning in to catch the action live. You can also try Instagram and TikTok, depending on the nature of your target audience.

Besides relevance, you must also look at the reach and engagement rates when choosing an influencer. 

Our blog over on Atisfyreach, How to Choose the Best Influencer for Your Business, highlights the things you need to consider to get the best value from your campaign.

Define your budget and payment system

Set a budget before engaging the influencer to avoid misunderstandings later on. With your budget set, you can now negotiate posting rates and fees effectively. Most influencers charge a fixed rate for their services, but this isn't the best payment model for gaming brands.

A better deal incorporates payment based on performance. For example, you can offer the influencer a CPI (cost per install) contract where they get paid a fixed rate for every successful install. You can also provide a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per mile) deal depending on the project scope and length of the agreement.

Such payment models reward influencers based on the achieved results, thus ensuring your marketing budget is wisely spent.

Pay key

Let your influencer/s guide the creative process

Influencers know the type of content that works with their audience. Brands need to give them enough freedom to create content their audience will appreciate when collaborating on a campaign. Controlling everything they do limits an influencer campaign's effectiveness, making it challenging to achieve your marketing goals.

Of course, you should have clear brand guidelines the influencer should follow, but you shouldn't dictate everything from the content copy to the ad creative.

Social media users want credibility and authenticity when influencers promote a product, but this will not come out clearly when the influencer lacks creative freedom. Users can tell when a brand is controlling the whole process and will be reluctant to engage with the campaign.

That's why you need to let loose and allow the influencer to use their creativity to promote your video game in the best possible manner. Influencers understand their audience better than you, and letting them run the show will make your campaign more authentic and credible.

Engage an influencer game marketing agency to set content guidelines, so influencers know how to showcase your mobile game and meet your expectations.

Track and measure your results

The final step is to track and measure the results of your campaign. This step will only be successful if you set clear goals and KPIs when starting the campaign.

For example, you can track how many installs you got from the campaign. Did you acquire engaged users, or did those who downloaded your game play it once and never return? What about in-app purchases and ad revenue? Did they increase as a result of the campaign?

If you cannot notice any measurable results, it's likely the influencer campaign didn't work. You must identify what went wrong and refine your strategy if that's the case.

If you got the desired results, you should consider increasing your influencer marketing efforts, whether it's working with the same influencer again or bringing new ones on board.

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Fulfill your quest with mobile game marketing

Mobile game marketing is your key to the quest for success! Take control of your new game and make its marketing matter with the help of our insider tips in Mobile Game Marketing: Your Complete Guide to Success.

Many developers have gained massively from influencer marketing, leading to a massive increase in its adoption. Mobile game developers increasingly turn to this method to better connect with their audiences and boost sales.

However, as you join this field, you must know that influencer marketing can be difficult without the right help. It isn't easy finding relevant influencers and managing campaigns to the end without the use of the right team.

Our product, Atisfyreach, has got your back. Our self serve platform is powered by machine learning and AI to pair you with influencers in the right niche at the right prices. Don't waste time creating long campaigns just to fall short - sign up today to get involved in the next level of influencer marketing!

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