7 Steps for Creating a Successful Gaming Influencer Marketing Strategy

by Game Marketing Genie, on 07-May-2020 13:37:10

Making the most of your marketing budget is essential to a successful launch. To ensure you get the best value, you must choose the correct advertising form to invest in.

While traditional advertising is still popular, the popularity of influencer marketing is growing due to its power. The personal, highly targeted, and low-cost (if done well) strategy can provide exceptional results if done correctly.

And with influencer marketing set to reach a global market size of 22.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2025 (source: Statista), it's clear that this strategy will only grow into the future. 

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is when a brand works directly with an online personality to promote something. It uses targeted social media and content marketing to reach a specific demographic. Targeting the right smaller influencer can provide more cost-effective results than significant endorsements.

The high trust that fans and consumers have in their favorite figures makes their endorsement more powerful. They help create social proof and gain their followers’ confidence in your brand, so you can develop high-converting and targeted marketing campaigns that work.

Some potential forms of marketing collaboration include media creation (video or audio reviews), social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), or simple promotion of links or hashtags (retweets, shares, or mentions) that pertain to the collaborative brand. 

The collaborative material can either be provided to the influencer or created by them. The right choice for you depends on your budget, their skill set, and the goal you're aiming for.

Step 1: Establish your marketing goals

This is where you must start strong. There are multiple types of marketing for you to consider as part of your video game marketing campaign.

For example, SEO aims to grow search engine authority organically, creating a remarkable online presence for your game to reach more players. Alternatively, PPC ads are highly targeted for turning clicks into conversions. They have a high conversion rate but are more costly than generalized advertising like SEO.

Influencer marketing allows you to control the result of your campaign based on your goals. It offers the flexibility of both SEO and PPC because you can choose whether you want to target conversions, awareness, or more. 

Take advantage of the targeted advertising and transform viewers into players. Or, use social media shares to grow your brand identity.

Choosing the goal of your influencer marketing campaign will set the course for the rest of the steps. Start by deciding what you want to achieve so you can tailor the rest of your campaign accordingly.

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Step 2: Choose your type of influencer marketing campaign

Once you know your goal, begin crafting your campaign. A comprehensive marketing approach will include multiple things, so knowing what each can do for your brand is essential.

There are a lot of types to choose from for every kind of goal, so here are a few of the most common campaign types to consider:

Sponsored content

Sponsored content usually involves the influencer creating and posting unique content that includes a link, reference, or entire ad for your company. These can consist of tactics like posting images on Instagram that promote or show off a product in action on a platform like Twitch (read more about that in our article here).

Sponsored posts can increase social media following, build a better brand identity, and improve traffic to your site if crafted correctly.

Co-creation and collaborations

Working alongside an influencer can be a great way to utilize their expertise. Influencers know their audience, and collaborating with them allows you to tailor your offer to what they want. You’ll often see collaborations in gaming, such as featured branded products or co-streaming.

This ad type is suitable for drawing their audience’s attention because it is personalized. This makes it good for converting sales or building hype as unique selling points.


Giveaways are a fan favorite because everyone likes free stuff. A giveaway with an influencer is mutually beneficial because it drives engagement for both parties. They also highly convert for shares and subscriptions because participants must follow the giveaway rules to qualify for the prize. Try setting up an influencer giveaway for early access to your game pre-launch!

Pro tip: Consider giveaway rules like "tag three friends," "subscribe to our newsletter," or "share this post."

Guest posts and blog posts

Informative posts on gaming blogs or websites like Game Informer are valuable and trusted. This makes them a great place to share a highly-targeted message for people to read about your influencer's sponsored post.

Posts can be about your brand or product or highlight your brand as a recommendation. They are great for building SEO, general industry authority, and growing traffic. If you get a trusted influencer to create a blog for your website or their own, you'll be able to attract new audiences.

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Step 3: Identify your target audience

Knowing who you are marketing to is crucial to creating effective marketing content for your campaign. It's no secret that different demographics (and even sub-demographics) have their own preferences for advertising formats.

With influencer marketing, you're taking advantage of the personal relationship the personality shares with their audience. Your content strategy needs to reflect who you want to reach. Are you targeting males or females? What age range is best? Do you want mobile gamers or PC gamers? A mix of these? Understanding your audience is crucial to segmenting them to ensure you reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

These are just a few questions you must ask yourself when developing your strategy to ensure you create something that will connect and convert.

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Step 4: Find the right influencers

Finding the right influencers to share your message is crucial to targeting the right demographic. Every person has their own style. They all have different types of content that they produce, the demographic that follows them, and their relationships with their audience. This determines how effective they may be for your campaign.

The right influencer should align with your brand and excel at what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if you are trying to sell a new multiplayer video game, working with a famous streamer (or streamers) to showcase the game may be the ideal marketing tool. However, if you want to build hype for the release, a sponsored post or social media promotion may reach more people to create interest.

To skip the hassle, let an AI and data-driven influencer marketing software do it all! AtisfyReach finds, vets, and matches you with the best-fit influencers in a fraction of a second. Learn more at the AtisfyReach website.

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Step 5: Certify your influencers and their audience

When you’ve found the influencers you want to work with, certify them before moving forward. This means looking into past sponsored deals and their success. It also means investigating conflicts of interest with potential competitors. You will want to determine if their user base is receptive to potential advertisements and the type of demographic you want to target.

Not every potential influencer is going to be a home run. Take the time to certify every opportunity to save money in the long run.

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Step 6: create valuable content

Creating good content is crucial in crafting any effective digital marketing strategy. Advertising can be a pain point for consumers who don’t like to be sold on things. To improve the odds of your marketing connecting, ensure your content provides value.

The content types you produce will depend on various things, including your goals, brand, audience, social media platforms, and influencers. 

Remember, when it comes to influencer marketing, your content doesn’t just reflect your brand — it also reflects the people you work with. They don’t want to sacrifice their image to attach their name to something that isn’t up to their standards. Influencers are taking a risk working with a sponsor, so it’s best for everyone involved to create valuable, inoffensive, noninvasive content that gets your message across.

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Step 7: track your reach and results

In marketing, tracking your results can give crucial insight into your strategy’s effectiveness. Influencer marketing covers a lot of different types of marketing goals and strategies. Thanks to tracking metrics, there are multiple ways to determine if a campaign is working.

Website traffic, social media metrics, and sales are all excellent indicators of a campaign’s success. Depending on the intention of the collaboration, one aspect may be more important than the others.

For instance, if you promote a blog post campaign, traffic to your site over time will significantly indicate efficiency. Your goal for sponsored and shared posts is to increase social media reach while others follow. Effective product or sale promotions should result in a better on-site conversion rate and more traffic.

After you’ve collected some data, re-evaluate and refine your marketing strategy for better results the next time around.

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Making it count with influencer marketing

If your game marketing strategies don’t contain influencer marketing, you’re losing chances to convert. But if you don’t have the expertise, you won’t be able to make your influencer strategy thrive. Get everything you need to know about video game influencer marketing in our top guide here: The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing!

There’s more to influencer marketing than emailing a celebrity or asking for an endorsement. You need quality — not just quantity — to generate reach for your campaign. To make it work, you need to know who to ask and target, what kind of results you want, and how you will achieve them. If you don’t approach it correctly, it can get expensive quickly. But there's a way to avoid this.

AtisfyReach can help you to craft the right influencer marketing strategies for your brand. Whether you need to build hype, find PC or mobile gaming influencers, or grow your online presence, our platform will connect you with the right people at the correct prices to craft content that will give you a positive ROI. 

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