10 Strategies You Can Use to Promote NFT Games

by Game Marketing Genie, on 09-Mar-2022 10:37:35

NFTs are transforming many sectors - most notably, the gaming industry. Here, gamers can experience crypto gamification and financial benefits, which is why a growing number of them are putting their money into NFT games. 

Interpret, a market research firm, recently polled 1,500 members of their 5,000-strong NFT/crypto gaming panel. The gamers on this panel reflect those interested in, not interested in, who have previously owned, or who presently possess a gaming NFT or cryptocurrency on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, mobile, and PC. The main message from the report is this: more than 56% of respondents are interested in earning NFTs through video games.

The report also shows that NFTs might play a significant role in retention (crucial for live-service games) since more than 45% of respondents said that earning NFTs through gaming will boost their existing levels of involvement with games. Another 53% said that earning with NFTs is the most important factor, followed by the ability to sell/trade NFTs and the desire to establish an NFT collection.

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Figure 1: Interpret's survey of gamers on NFTs. Source: Interpret

Gamers like the idea of NFT games, but it is a learning curve for both them and the gaming industry. A strong promotional strategy should ideally aim to educate and intrigue these players and those just testing the waters, which is why we're here with ten approaches you can take to promote your NFT games. 

1. Start promoting well before launch

Marketing is a great place to keep your audience in the loop on your current or upcoming product. It's also a promising approach to communicate with consumers and learn about their preferences.

Additionally, the emergence of NFTs has made it much more important to stand out from the pack. Owners must market their NFT to the public. NFT marketing and promotion can assist a company in improving its image by strengthening ties with its target audience. Starting this process far before your product reaches the shelves assures that you have a waiting list of players eager to test it out.

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2. Provide exclusive drops in your game's community

The community is one of the most enticing aspects of a successful NFT collection. Certain NFTs act as a community pass or membership which grants holders exclusive access to an online social club or premium amenities like limited-edition drops. 

Discord is a terrific tool for pushing out specialized messages in an organized method. It allows users to access information by category, like an RSS feed, so consumers can access the information they need when they want it. It also makes the flow more user-friendly and decentralized than typical social or email marketing pushes.

Another way to get your community off the ground is to create a unique Facebook Group. Make sure to take advantage of the features this platform holds including live-streaming, powerful audience targeting and advanced posting options. With a powerful hook and a link to your community on all your social profiles, you’ll be able to promote your NFT game with ease. 

3. Join other communities 

Discord is THE place to be for gamers, and crypto artists now use it too. There are several existing Discord groups where NFT collectors and fans gather. While some of these groups are closed to the public, there are a number that you can join for all things NFTs. 

Not sure about Discord or want to join multiple platforms? Reddit is a community-driven content-sharing website and application that allows users to vote on topics. If a piece of content receives many votes, it rises in the Reddit rankings and gains visibility. You can display your work in artist community threads on this site, such as https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoArt/, which has approximately 8 million subscribers.

4. Use social media

To market your NFT games, start from your own backyard! If you have a solid social media following, all you have to do now is build buzz by communicating with your fans regularly. You can do this by holding contests, freebies, and AMA sessions, among other things. 

Also, consider promoting your sponsored ads through popular pay-per-click channels like Facebook and Twitter Ads. Make sure your ads are SEO optimized, and to make your ads more appealing, use keyword tools. 

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5. Influencer marketing

The best method to engage NFT influencers is to include them from the beginning in your NFT game promotions. NFT influencers are frequently early adopters, and the majority of them aren't looking for only a quick buck, though they may ask for crypto payments. NFT ventures featured by these influencers are those in which the influencers are involved from the beginning. 

Businesses should discuss the NFT roadmap with influencers early, and seek opinions and ideas. Engaging multiple influencers at various project phases is also a good idea. For example, at the early stages of the project, generate interest through NFT influencers and then closer to launch re-engage these influencers for brand recall.


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Figure 2: Example of NFT brands collaborating with celebrities. Source: Twitter

6. Try giveaways and discount codes

Hosting an NFT giveaway as part of an upcoming collection is a common presale social media marketing tactic. Giving away items in this way, such as using "follow-tag-share/retweet" or a fan art contest, adds to the excitement surrounding the NFT game, increases engagement among your followers, and raises visibility among new audiences. 

Try connecting your giveaway with influencers. They often host giveaways in the following format: everyone interested in participating must follow them on the platform, tag a friend in the comments, share the post on Instagram Stories or retweet, and leave a comment. Influencers can also share a discount code on their platforms, which will encourage their audience to purchase due to fear of missing out. 

7. Release sneak peeks

Your social media content should contain sneak previews of upcoming releases to pique your audience’s interest and build anticipation. Viral content and cross-promotions through creative and engaging material that interests users will encourage them to join in conversations or share your posts. You may also entice your audience to join your communities by offering VIP sneak peeks and early access to NFTs before the game's formal launch or official release.

8. In-game advertising

As a monetization method, in-game advertising offers ad space within mobile games. In-game ads are a highly interactive and engaging way for advertisers to communicate with players.  These advertisements may be integrated directly into the game by rewarding players for viewing video ads, or appear at the bottom of the game like traditional banner ads. The most effective in-game ad approach combines a positive user experience with a rewards mechanism. Offering high-value prizes to your players may keep them interested for extended periods, encouraging them to return and play your game. 

Check out the ten best ad-network recommendations on our blog, 10 Best Crypto Ad Networks For Marketing Your GameFi App.

9. Use email marketing and newsletters 

Email marketing allows you to keep in touch with potential buyers, customers, sponsors, and your target audience. Sending relevant newsletters, announcements, press releases, and other information creates trust and increases brand credibility.

First, identify your target audience and understand where they spend most of their time. Then, through campaigns, contests, and more, collect their email addresses. Ensure that you make it clear that your audience is consenting to share their email and receive marketing material. Next, create informative and appealing newsletters and send them out regularly. Your subscribers receive tailored communication according to their tastes and choices. You may also contact well-known NFT publications and get your newsletters on their mailing lists.

10. PR and comms

Major media houses can play a crucial role in ensuring you get the eyes you need on your NFT game. Issuing press releases on media platforms can help you gain credibility, and spread the word about the advantages and benefits of your NFTs. After all, PR is one of the most tried-and-true marketing methods, and there's a reason why people keep going back to it.

This is because PR content builds trust in your organization, and inspires your target demographic by providing your audience with something extra.

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Crypto game marketing mastery

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Due to the surge in popularity of new NFT games, your NFT marketing strategy is as vital as your game development. Powerful NFT marketing requires more than a few randomly selected ad sets; it needs skilled NFT marketing professionals who can cope with your competitors. 

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