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If you're reading this page, you're probably creating a crypto game, already have one, or want to know a little more about them. But the unfortunate thing about crypto games is that there's not much info out there - until now!

This page walks you through all we've covered on crypto gaming so far - so be sure to bookmark our page and subscribe for more!

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  1. How blockchain is changing the gaming industry
  2. What 2022 holds for the crypto gaming industry
  3. NFT stats for game devs
  4. Why blockchain is the future for mobile games
  5. Marketing your blockchain game to mainstream players
  6. 10 strategies to use
  7. Top strategy: Influencer game marketing
  8. Community building
  9. NFT trends
  10. What to do (and NOT do) when it comes to game NFTs
  11. Some examples to look at
  12. The right crypto ad platforms
  13. Finding the best crypto agency for you

How blockchain is changing the gaming industry

Simply put, blockchain is set to change the gaming industry. We’re now seeing the development of heaps of crypto games that include play-to-earn features, NFT assets, and more.

Blockchain now allows players to become entrepreneurs by trading the assets they earn in-game. Technology like NFTs ensures that players’ in-game assets and ensures that players’ accounts are kept more secure. This also means that users can port their items between games and trade or sell them for a higher value. Additionally, implementing decentralization is likely to help devs obtain greater control over the gaming market and stand out against major competitors.

But that’s not all! Find out more about How Blockchain, Crypto and NFT Games Are Changing the Gaming Industry.

What 2022 holds for the crypto gaming industry

We’ve seen a growing number of games move into the play to earn space in recent years. If you’re interested in this, you’ll need to make sure you’re up to date with the trends.

With the blockchain sector massively expanding, it’s no wonder that game devs are introducing NFTs into their games. In turn, this has given rise to the world of GameFi. But what we’ve seen so far is nothing compared to what’s to come.

P2E gaming and its decentralized economy will change the metaverse and more. This will give rise to players’ ability to get involved in these games and take the value they get to another level.

So, get ahead of the competition with our guide - 2022: The Rise of Play To Earn Games and GameFi Apps.

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NFT stats for game devs

More and more games are joining the crypto metaverse. Their rising popularity gives great hope to developers looking to enter this field, but we see that many of them enter with a misunderstanding of what it may hold for them.

These misunderstandings are common and hard to avoid due to the fluctuating information that is available. That's why game devs need to know a few key stats before they jump in. 

Let us teach you to top stats in The Statistics NFT Game Developers Need to Know

Why blockchain is the future for mobile games

You probably know that the mobile gaming industry is very competitive if you're a mobile game dev. And it's only going to get more jam-packed with blockchain gaming now entering this busy area.

Sound overwhelming? It shouldn't - it means that you've got a range of opportunities ready for you.

Since mobile tech now allows devs to weave blockchain into mobile gaming, we're now seeing an increase in play-to-earn games. These provide benefits for both players and devs, meaning that if you start to take steps to establish yourself as a blockchain developer that offers real value, then you can generate a loyal group of players!

Learn more about Why Blockchain Games Are The Future of Mobile Gaming in our blog!

Marketing your blockchain game to mainstream players

If you're only targeting the crypto niche, then you're missing out on a range of opportunities available to you if you connect with the mainstream gaming audience. Of course, this audience isn't just going to jump on board just because you say your blockchain game is worth playing, so you'll need to do a little bit of extra work.

Why? Because unless you're targeting an audience that already has an interest or investment in crypto, the players you're looking to connect with probably won't be that eager to jump on board.

So, learn how to convert this audience into loyal players today in How to Market Your Blockchain Game To Mainstream Players.

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10 strategies to use

Your NFT marketing strategy is as important as your game's development. Don't think that just because you've created an engaging crypto game that it'll sell itself! And a slew of disjointed marketing quick fixes won't work either.

If you're going to try a marketing strategy for your NFT game, you need to do it thoroughly. Having a half go at many strategies is nowhere near as effective as developing two carefully tailored techniques.

That's why we've listed out the best techniques to try in 10 Strategies You Can Use to Promote NFT Games.

Top strategy: Influencer game marketing

You've probably heard us say it before, but influencer marketing is the future. With one of the highest returns out of all game marketing strategies, it's something you should consider for the future.

And the crypto gaming industry is no different! There are heaps of big names as well as up-and-coming influencers out there that have great advice to share on the latest in crypto gaming.

We've put together a list of the top crypto gaming influencers to inspire you in The 7 Most Powerful Crypto Game Influencers.

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Community building for crypto games

How did the Bored Ape Yacht Club become so successful? Well, there are a huge number of reasons, but one of the biggest is that they created a thriving community that is full of value for its members.

As a crypto game dev, you've got even more value to provide not only in the form of collectable crypto tokens, but also in the playability and fun of your game! All you need to do is be able to show this off in your community so you can encourage users to join.

Develop your crypto game community with our guide here: How to Create a Crypto Gaming Community.

And start building up that set of fans? It's easy - try any of the methods in 10 Ways to Get Players to Join Your NFT Gaming Community!

NFT trends

But it's not just the broader blockchain gaming network trends you need to worry about, especially as we see the number of NFT-based games snowballing. As NFT games become more widely available to and accepted by the gaming community, we expect to see a shift in how games are presented and marketed.

For instance, when players buy in-game items (like skins and weapons) in NFT games, they'll be able to keep these exclusive to their account or sell them to another player at a different price point. This isn't possible with traditional games, where asset ownership stays with the developers. But this brings the need for a shift in the perception of NFT games - which is already in motion.

Keep on top of the NFT trends for the future here: The Top 6 NFT Gaming Trends in 2022.

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What to do (and NOT do) when it comes to game NFTs

We've seen many devs fall prey to the perceived quick cash of NFTs. Most of these devs rushed into it without considering what it may hold for them, their game, and most importantly their audience.

We don't want you to have go through this crisis management, which is why we've made a clear guide that outlines things you'll need to consider and avoid when it comes to implementing NFTs in your games.

Get started with Game NFTs: What to Do and What Not to Do

Some examples to look at

But why take our word for it? There are many NFT games that have seen great success, and you ought to follow them for some inspiration! The huge success of the big name crypto games indicates the potential of the industry, but doesn't mean that the NFT gaming area is easy to enter.

That is why we've put together five popular games that you can use to boost your own NFT game marketing strategy. Find them all in NFT Game Marketing: 5 NFT Games To Take Inspiration From.

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The right crypto ad platforms

Crypto games are still a niche that hasn’t penetrated the mainstream gaming industry. But it doesn’t mean you can’t enter this market and educate the wider gaming audience about the benefits of these kinds of games.

So, where do you start? A good thing to start considering is the right crypto ad network. This kind of technology, which includes platforms like CryptoAdsManager or CoinZilla, works much like Google Ads. But the real benefit here is that they’re exclusive to crypto projects, allowing you to harness their targeting capabilities to reach the right audiences.

Sounds good to you? Find the right crypto ad network for your game here: 10 Best Crypto Ad Networks For Marketing Your GameFi App.

Finding the best crypto agency for you

Take the guesswork out of the crypto marketing equation and work with a crypto game marketing agency. Unlike choosing a generic marketing agency, you'll need to know who to pick for your crypto game marketing project.

Why? Because your goals, audience, game, and more are different! The right crypto agency will combine with your team smoothly to deliver a cohesive performance.

Find out how to achieve that cohesiveness here: How to Choose The Right Marketing Agency for Your GameFi App.

Dogecoin on physical money

Crypto game marketing doesn't have to be difficult! With our guides, move one step closer towards getting your game the traction it deserves. At Game Marketing Genie, we've got the skills, knowledge, talent, and crypto game know-how you need to help your game flourish in a sea of competitors.

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