The 7 Most Powerful Crypto Influencers for Your Game

by Game Marketing Genie, on 14-Jun-2022 10:54:26

Gaming influencers are taking the world by storm in 2022. They're the second most popular type of influencers (36%) — after music influencers (38%) — among US teens. They've also moved up the ranking from 11th to 6th position globally.

This data points towards one fact: using gaming influencers' popularity can take your NFT game to new places! It can boost downloads and even improve your brand authority. 

So, here are the top 5 trendy and powerful crypto influencers who can ensure your NFT and crypto games are a success.

#1 Cagyjan: Macro-influencer

influencer cagyjan

Figure 1: Cagyjan. Source: Cagyjan

With over 70k YouTube subscribers and 100k Twitter followers, Jan Bodden, a.k.a. Cagyjan, is one of the most popular macro-influencers in the play-to-earn (P2E) space. Cagyjan was born in the Dominican Republic and quit his full-time job to follow his passion for becoming a streamer. He is a passionate video game player and has over 7,422,085 views to date. Most of his YouTube videos are play-throughs of popular P2E video games, but he also shares game reviews, news, and explainer videos. He speaks in a highly engaging and enthusiastic manner to keep his audience engaged — no wonder he has thousands of fans.

Cagyjan specifically enjoys P2E games since game-streaming remains his primary source of revenue. He is one of the ideal play-to-earn influencers to promote your crypto games — even a single video of him playing your game can stimulate your audience's interest. 

Another little-known fact about Cagyjan is that he also invests in games. He's been an angel investor in the premier battle royale shooter game Nyan Heroes. The game raised $7.5 million to expand its team and scale the game's development. Cagyjan also invested in the game Phantom Galaxies, helping it raise a whopping $19.3 million!

#2 ElliotTrades: Mega-influencer

youtube influencer elliottrades

Figure 2: Elliot Wainman. Source: OBpedia

Elliot Wainman is another significant gamer who goes by the name EllioTrades. He has 586k YouTube subscribers and 725k Twitter followers with whom he shares his NFT and crypto knowledge. He is also an expert on P2E games. His down-to-earth advice and NFT-trading strategies have produced countless NFT aficionados.

Elliot's booming YouTube channel is one of his many achievements. Apart from raising a YouTube community, he is the co-founder of Superfarm, a platform allowing users to launch and create NFTs with minimal coding. One of his objectives has remained to help people become billionaires through P2E and NFT games.

One of his popular NFT projects is Neo Tokyo. Co-created by well-known crypto YouTubers Alex Becker and EllioTrades, Neo Tokyo is an NFT collection available on the OpenSea marketplace. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and requires people willing to mint NFTs to enter the whitelist by solving riddles. Through this project, Elliot aims to create opportunities for people to earn additional income.

Another notable project Elliot invested in is the Bored Ape Yacht Club, whose floor price is currently 48 ETH, which is 200,000USD.

All these achievements indicate that Elliot is a well-established NFT influencer. He can be one of the best influencers to get more eyeballs on your game.

#3 Satoshi Aoki: Micro-influencer

crypto influencer satoshi aoki

Figure 3: Satoshi Aoki. Source: Satoshi Aoki

With around 10,000 followers, Satoshi Aoki is third on our popular crypto gaming influencers list. He is the go-to person for people looking to stay updated with the best and latest blockchain games and NFT news and projects. Aoki also shares lifestyle vlogs describing how and why he chose to make money from bitcoin and crypto.

Aoki keeps experimenting with the NFTs and is also open to ceding ownership of his digital content to his followers. The aim behind this is to share the revenue generated. Such actions and experiments skyrocket the engagement levels and boost audience loyalty. 

Satoshi Aoki can be a brilliant choice of influencer to collaborate with since he has a tight-knit, though relatively small, community. He is an expert in his field and has the potential to persuade your target audience to play your game. He can boost his community's interest in your blockchain game, helping you improve traffic and profit.

#4 On Chain Gaming: Macro-influencer

On Chain Gaming's Host, Jake

Figure 4: On Chain Gaming's host, Jake. Source: On Chain Gaming

On Chain Gaming is a viral YouTube channel that has over 130k subscribers. It is a big name in the crypto and NFT domain and amongst the metaverse communities. You'll find many videos on crypto, investments, gaming, and more on this channel! Therefore, partnering with this channel can take your metaverse crypto projects and games to another level!

The host, Jake, is a 26-year-old avid gamer and loves sci-fi, investing, gaming, and crypto. He specifically enjoys the "real" ownership NFTs offer. He wants to share his blockchain knowledge with the entire world. On his channel, Jake says traditional games own all in-game assets and can rightfully prohibit the sale of some assets. However, blockchain games offer actual ownership, and items can be stored in crypto wallets or sold to other players or decentralized marketplaces.

Additionally, Jake admires the thousands of money-making opportunities NFTs, and P2E games offer. The best part is wealth in on-chain games can be translated into real-life wealth.

#5 Play to Earn World: Micro-influencer

play to earn youtube channel

Figure 5: Play To Earn World's YouTube channel. Source: Play to Earn World

Icaro has more than 24k subscribers on his YouTube channel, Play To Earn World, and around 5k followers on Twitter. Icaro lives in New Zealand, and his channel is steadily growing. In his videos, he shares the secrets of making a living by playing games and discusses popular games his audience would enjoy. 

Icaro is also a blockchain developer. He also streams play-throughs of popular games and claims his channels to be the best for P2E and NFT games — no doubt, his content is valuable and informative. Since he's a blockchain developer, he has in-depth knowledge of upcoming video games. Therefore, he's also people's go-to for game recommendations.

If you want to spread the word about your game but can't spend a fortune on influencers for your game marketing strategies, a micro-influencer like Icaro can be the best choice. He has ample followers who completely trust him and his recommendations.

#6 Game of Bitcoins: Macro-influencer

game of bitcoins channel

Figure 6: Game of Bitcoins YouTube channel. Source: Game of Bitcoins

With more than 78k YouTube subscribers, Game of Bitcoins is one of the most popular channels in the crypto domain. The host, Gary, is an expert in blockchain, NFTs, and crypto. You'll find all kinds of crypto-related content on this channel: news, analysis, tutorials, unboxing, and project reviews.

Additionally, Gary shares top-tier metaverse PC and mobile games the audience can play and earn money from. Thousands of people are attracted to his channel due to Gary's valuable content. Therefore, Game of Bitcoins can be a beneficial potential partner to meet your influencer marketing needs.

#7 Nosebleed Gaming: Macro-influencer

nosebleed channel

Figure 7: Nosebleed gaming on YouTube. Source: Nosebleed

Nosebleed — or Randy in real life — has more than 30k subscribers on his YouTube channel and is an expert in the crypto domain. You'll find videos on NFT, P2E, mobile, and blockchain gaming on his channel. He primarily focuses on Supercell's Clash Mini and Axie Infinity. Randy aims to educate people interested in Web3, and sharing informative videos is one way he's achieving this goal.

In addition to running a successful YT channel, Randy is the Head of Content at MetaGoons, a pioneering metaverse ecosystem, and development platform. In January, the platform raised around $2 million to create the premier metaverse lifestyle brand. Moreover, Randy is the ambassador of Nyan Heroes, a P2E NFT game built on the Solana network.

These details indicate that Randy has received significant exposure in the crypto industry. Therefore, he'd be a profitable NFT influencer to collaborate with and promote your upcoming NFT game.

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