The Kingdoms of Ruin: Endless Rebellion Out Now!

by Game Marketing Genie, on 07-Jun-2024 04:07:41 announced the release of their latest G123 title, The Kingdoms of Ruin: Endless Rebellion and to commemorate this, the company will hold a special campaign both in and outside of the game.

In The Kingdoms of Ruin: Endless Rebellion, the player takes on the role of the protagonist Adonis, who has mastered the written style of summoning magic. There are options to compete in both Player vs. Player (PvP) and Player vs. Environment (PvE) modes your friends and get your revenge against mankind.

What is The Kingdoms of Ruin game all about?

Driven by the Gear Expansion of the Super Industrial Revolution, the once-revered witches, sent by the gods to support humanity, have become obsolete. As a result, humans initiate witch hunts to rid themselves of the unscientific power of magic.

The Kingdoms of Ruin poster 
Adonis, a young man who lost his beloved witch, Chloe, to these brutal hunts – the very witch who nurtured him and taught him the ways of magic – vows to take revenge against humanity. The Kingdoms of Ruin game is a brilliant portrayal of never-ending vengeance.

An immersive gameplay

  • Play as 3 unique heroes: Train and personalize your favorite characters to dominate in Player vs. Player (PvP) and Player vs. Environment (PvE) battles.

    The Kingdoms of Ruin poster

  • A story of revenge: Experience the brilliantly dark narrative of Adonis' quest for vengeance.

Explore the gameplay for yourself: Gameplay Demo
Watch the thrilling trailer: Game Trailer 

What's CTW offering on the day of the launch?

To celebrate the launch, CTW is giving players some exciting rewards:

  • Pre-registration bonus: After hitting the goal of 50,000 pre-registrations, players get 100,000 gems worth $300 and 10 Pull Ticket to summon characters, including some familiar faces from the anime. This bonus is available up to 30 days after launch.


  • Login Rewards: Play for seven days after launch and complete tasks to grab another $200 worth of in-game goodies, including gems.


What is G123?

G123 is a game service offering a curated selection of high-quality games. Accessible on any browser across smartphones, tablets, and PCs, G123 ensures seamless gaming with no downloads or registration required.

For details, click the link to visit their official site: G123

About is Japan’s No. 1 IP game platform company driven by a team of experts who employ the latest advancements in cloud-native technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate continuous innovation. These technological breakthroughs propel the success of their G123 game service, refine their marketing strategies, promote user acquisition, and ensure the stability and performance of their platform. stands at the forefront of internet platform services. Based in Tokyo's ARK Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower at 1-9-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku (106-0032), and led by CEO Ryūichi Sasaki, CTW was established in August 2013 with a capital of ¥100,000,000.


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