The Relevance of Content Marketing for a Successful Video Game Launch

by Game Marketing Genie, on 21-Dec-2018 15:29:16

When you are launching a new game, your marketing strategy is going to be what will make or break you. Do the wrong things and you’ll be left in the shadows. Do the right things and you’ll see those download and purchase numbers soar!

Some developers tend to overlook content marketing as part of their overall strategy, and unfortunately this is a terrible mistake.

Content marketing is all about creating material such as blogs, videos and social media posts. This content is shared through websites and social media channels to arouse interest in a brand’s products.

Many industries struggle with effective content marketing because of various limitations but the gaming industry really does have it easy. Here’s why:

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Gamers want to know about new games

Since many games only have a certain lifespan, gamers are always looking for new challenges to draw them in and captivate them.

Some players may continue to play games for months or even years, but this is only for those big titles with captivating stories and high replay value.

Seeing effective content about new games will always spark interest and if everyone else is playing, then gamers will most certainly be willing to take a look.  

Purchasing power is high

Given that the average age of a gamer is currently around 30 years old and employed with disposable income, they are able and willing to buy new games. This is always something to keep in mind when you are doing your video game content marketing. Other industries that are aimed at different demographics don’t necessarily have this luxury.

Gamers are easy to reach through social media

Social media has proven to be a powerful tool for marketing to gamers. Because of this, you should be taking advantage of getting in front of your audience by sharing content that you create.

Just put a new blog post up? Share it!

You are more like to get interest for your game through social media than from direct traffic to your website or app store listing. Do remember that not all gamers use every social media platform though. You should research the platforms where your audience is, whether that’s YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, and create content that is appropriate.

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Video games tell stories

It isn’t a secret that the most effective way to market a product is by telling a story. Since most of today’s games all have some kind of a storyline (forget word and trivia games), you instantly have something to base your marketing around. You don’t need to come up with some creative story to sell your game. You already have it, but just how you use it will be up to you.

Usual marketing tactics can be offending

Gamers don’t respond well to elaborate marketing campaigns that exploit gaming. They do however respond well to subtle marketing techniques and video game content marketing is a good example. This is why choosing the right techniques and platforms is essential, as mentioned in our article on Growth Marketing Genie here.

Games are visually appealing

Video games have a good advantage over other products, in that their excellent graphics can help lure people in. While you can’t show large previews of your game in your content marketing (unless it’s in video format), having a few screen grabs can be all you need to get people interested. 

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Communities are powerful

Many gamers may not be so social in a physical sense but they still look for ways to connect with others online and most will be involved in some kind of community. They can spend hours every day engaging in instant messaging, live chats or analyzing the latest YouTube release video or game hacks.

The reason why tapping into gaming communities is so important is because when a gamer comes across a great new game, they are going to preach about it and encourage others in their community to try it too. If you take advantage of content marketing, then there is more chance of people sharing your content and getting the word out.

Building your own community on networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or Twitter gives you an existing base to market to and build trust with by sharing different forms of content to retain interest. When you already have an established community that relies on and looks forward to receiving your content, then launching games in the future becomes a whole lot easier.

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