What Are the Best Social Media Platforms to Reach Gamers On?

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Gamers thrive on the internet, and social media is a big part of their existence. From connecting to like-minded gamers to discovering new releases, social media has a number of purposes for gamers. Most likely, your target audience exists in large numbers across one or more platforms. Creating a social media presence boosts your brand awareness and provides an outlet for targeted promotions. Today, we will focus on some of the best social media platforms to target for game promotions. You can launch a number of paid and free campaigns to grow your exposure and gain some potential leads. 

Why social media matters

There are more than 2.5 billion gamers around the world. Comparatively, there were 3.8 billion people on active on social media last year. Chances are, the majority of the 2.5 billion gamers make up part of the larger number of social media users. For example the League of Legends page on Facebook has more than 14 million gamers alone who are eager for content, updates and news. 

To get your audience onboard, your first job is to research your audience and select the right platform where your potential customers exist. 

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Digital media use around the world in 2020

Figure 1: Digital around the world in 2020. Source: We Are Social

1. Facebook

Facebook has 2.6 billion users that are active every month, and is the most popular social media website overall. The UI and UX of Facebook provide an ideal way to implement a sound nurturing strategy for raking up your conversions. 

Gaming brands have a range of ways to engage audiences on Facebook. Some of them include:

  • Fan pages
  • Official brand pages
  • Official game pages
  • Gaming communities
  • Advertisements
  • Videos, images, and content

Facebook may even gain new meaning for gamers after Microsoft decided to shut down Mixer, and partner with the platform. The gaming community that once existed on the Mixer is now encouraged to move to Facebook Gaming. Naturally, this merger means more gamers on Facebook that you can connect with to give you more exposure and sales. 

Your team should consider targeting this streaming service. It's an emerging platform that’s only getting more popular every day. You can stream live, share clips, and even conduct tournaments. Facebook should always be a part of your game advertising strategy. The platform hosts the largest captive audience to push your products for sale. 

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Facebook Ads shown on Macbook

2. Instagram

If you want a platform where you can show off the incredible visuals of your game, Instagram is a great place to go! Part of the Facebook network, Instagram is your one-stop-shop for beautifully curated picture sets and short videos.

But it's not just its visual-sharing potential that you can bank on. It also has a range of specially designed features such as shoppable posts which have high engagement rates. Read more in 10 Reasons Your Marketing Needs Instagram Shoppable Posts.


But most importantly, it is home to a number of popular personalities in different niches. What does this mean for you? Simple - Instagram is a must-have platform for anyone wishing to get involved in influencer marketing. Choose from smaller influencers with less than 10,000 followers or bigger personalities like PewDiePie or SSSniperWolf.

Want to make your influencer marketing matter? Head over to Atisfyreach, our platform that uses AI and machine learning to make finding, vetting and connecting with the right fit influencers at the right prices so much easier.

3. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most influential channels for game marketing. The best thing about it is that it lets you appear on more highly ranked Google search results if you rank for keywords. That's a great way to ensure some good old organic traffic to grow your reach. 

Apart from organic traffic, YouTube also hosts a large number of gamers. All the gaming gurus and streamers are on YouTube with a massive fan following. PewDiePie, the top YouTube gamer, has 105 million followers. MrBeast boasts 35.2 million subscribers, while JuegaGerman has 39.7 million fans. Not being on YouTube means losing out big on a huge number of potential customers.

Tips to nurture your audience

  • Release trailers: Create short 30 - 60-second trailers to increase exposure. Share the videos on your website and game pages.
  • Work with influencers: Top gamers with millions of followers serve as a captive base of audience to promote your games. Work with influencers to market your game to high-potential leads.
  • Behind the scenes videos: Release videos of how you and your team work to capture the imagination of gamers. 
  • Share tutorials and walkthroughs: Keep your audience engaged with frequent gaming content that is interesting, insightful or helpful to them.
  • YouTube ads: If you have the budget, you can invest in paid ads that appear before YouTube videos. 

For more information on making YouTube matter, check out Your Complete Guide to YouTube Game Marketing.

YouTube on smartphone-1

4. Discord

Discord is a major platform to start an audience around your game. Gaming companies can connect directly with gamers and know what's on their mind. The live chat platform is not for outright selling, but for allowing your audience to interact. Many times, the channels grow to be a place for gamers to share ideas and tips. Your studio or company stays in the backdrop chipping in from time to time with relevant contributions. 

Discord benefits

Selling games: Discord allows you to create a storefront on your server and sell directly to fans. The 250 million users surely will be a great place to launch your games. 

  • Lower cuts: Discord shares revenues on a 9/10 basis, helping you keep a good profit margin.
  • Test alphas and betas: Give early access to your fans and influencers to help grow awareness.
  • Go viral: Fans can show off your games on their profiles with Rich Presence. Let the world know that your game is being played! 
  • Analytics: Generate insights on your games and audiences using advanced analytics with top-of-funnel attribution tracking.
  • Create communities: Discord is one of the best outlets to start creating your own gaming community.

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Rainbow keyboard

5. Steam

While not necessarily a social media platform, Steam is somewhat of a Mecca for PC gamers, an amalgamation of all the latest and greatest games - both existing and upcoming. Of course, if your game is on Steam, you’ll want to be tapping into the audience that is present there. If not, take note of these points if you ever choose to publish there!

So, the first step is to join Steam and create a page for your game. After that, you can grow a community around your game and release regular updates, patches, or features. Developers can also add game guides, walkthroughs, and even conduct live streams. You should join the discussions and interact personally with your audience. 

Tips to grow your Steam presence

  • Create your Steam page at least 3 months before your release. Share compelling content and consider also sharing early access keys in competitions, giveaways and to influencers until the time you launch your game. 
  • Use at least 15 tags for your game to increase places you get featured. 
  • Experiment with your small capsule image. Try out different pictures apart from your logo and track click-through rates.
  • Create an appealing trailer, making the most of the first 10 seconds. Most people won't watch beyond that. 
  • Consider your game description as your elevator pitch. Mention your game's USPs and benefits without appearing salesy. 

It's not just your messaging, updates and posts on Steam that need to be incredible. Your Steam page needs to be optimized for success, so learn how to do that in How to Optimize Your Video Game's Steam Page to Sell.

Person playing game on computer

6. Twitch

According to Brand24, Twitch accounts for over 72% of all hours users spend watching live streams on the internet. The platform has 2.2 - 3.2 million monthly broadcasters with 15 million daily active users. It's the platform you want to use to make your game reach young and potential buyers. Twitch is the channel preferred by the most popular streamers. At the time of writing, Twitch had 64,393 live channels streaming various games to over 1 million viewers. So, you’ll want to take advantage of these personalities’ power to make your game succeed.

Work with influencers

Twitch is ideal for any gaming studio looking to make the most of influencer marketing. You should consider working with top streamers that have millions of followers for games in your niche. The platform is also ideal for interacting with the audience of gamers using live chat. 

Get more insider information on influencer marketing on this platform in Video Game Influencer Marketing: Triumph on Twitch.

Twitch advertising

Twitch allows you to use a range of image and video products to advertise your game. Options like IAB display and native customizations open doors to appealing ads. Your ads will play before videos similar to the way they do on YouTube. They will also appear on a number of pages on Twitch to generate more clicks. 

Twitch on mobile phone

7. Twitter

Twitter is fast becoming a great way to connect with gamers. In 2019, Twitter saw 1.2 billion tweets regarding video games, and in March of 2020, the conversation volume around games grew to 71% according to Social Media Today. The platform is suitable to share quick updates and tidbits about your games. You can even connect and interact with gamers from all across the world. 

Additionally, Twitter is great for networking. Most people will ask for your handle when you visit a gaming event or conference. Think of Twitter as a more professional way to announce news and stay in touch with your fan base. Gamers also flock to Twitter for interacting with top gamers and gaming legends. That makes it a great choice to work with influencers to get the word out about your launch. The best of all, your audience on Twitter is more likely to share recommendations than those on other platforms. So, hop on Twitter and get your marketing going.

Twitter and gamers

Figure 2. Twitter statistic. Source: Twitter

Social media is your key to marketing success!

With the right strategy, social media can make your brand stand out among the masses and help you grow into a leading figure in your industry. Get all the tips you need to know in our ultimate guide here: Your Must-Have Guide for Social Media Marketing!

Creating and managing your social media presence is a hectic task. You need a powerful strategy that gets your game to the people that matter when they want to see it. Our social media marketers at Game Marketing Genie know the ins and outs of every platform for creating the most effective strategies for your game. We create accounts, curate content, develop ad campaigns, and nurture your audience for assured conversions.

Need more info? Let's chat today about how our gaming marketing agency can make the most of your marketing opportunities.

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