How to Create Gaming Social Media Content Worth Sharing

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For success in the gaming industry, a captivating and immersive game is only one side of the coin. The other is positioning your game so your audience can learn about its existence. 

Mastering gaming social media isn't just about making content and putting it out there; it's about connecting to your audience and engaging with them in a meaningful way. If you're able to do that, then your content becomes sharable which is incredible important in the social world that is gaming.

Status Brew reports that over 75% of the global population uses social media. This makes these platforms excellent marketing vehicles. Creating social media content can also provide an unconventional benefit: free market research. 

So, let's dive into how you can create engaging and shareable social media content for your game.

statistics photo

Figure 1: Social media usage worldwide statistics in 2023. Source: Status Brew.

The recipe for the perfect social media post

Keep these critical elements in mind to create engaging social media content for your indie game:

1. Engaging copy

Winning content tells a story that resonates with your audience. Whether you're sharing a sneak peek of an upcoming update, highlighting players' accomplishments, or simply showing off your game's stunning graphics, your social media content should evoke emotion and spark conversation. 

Try to use relevant hashtags to reach new audiences and join existing conversations. And remember, you should always try and tell your story in the shortest number of words possible!

2. An eye-catching visual

Alluring graphic content perfectly complements your social media copy. It helps grab your audience's attention and memorably convey your message. Whether you opt for an image, video, GIF, or carousel, ensure it is relevant to your copy and aligns with your brand's style and tone. 

From stunning gameplay footage to behind-the-scenes peeks at your development process, you may already have a treasure to choose from. 

3. A relevant call to action

Including a CTA in your content is a good practice, though it is not always necessary. 

A relevant CTA prompts your audience to engage with your content and take the next step. The next step could take them to another page or get them to take action on your post itself.

Depending on the post type, your CTA could ask your audience to:
  • Download your game.
  • Share your post with their friends.
  • Leave a comment with their thoughts or feedback.
  • Tag a friend.
  • Join your giveaway.
  • Or something else!

gunbrella game

Figure 2: Using CTA as part of the post itself. Source: Devolver Digital.

Other things a good post could include

Personalized content

You can offer this to a particular audience segment whom you want to target. This could include tailored messaging, special promotions, or exclusive content only available to certain players. 

For example, you could create special rewards only for players who sign up for your newsletter.


If they align with your brand's tone and voice and resonate with your audience. They can also bring out the emotions behind your text and make the plain text interesting. 

Plan a content series

It can build momentum and create anticipation for future posts. Whether teasing an upcoming release or sharing behind-the-scenes of your game's development, a series can keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Shareable social media content tips

If you want to get more eyes on your indie game, your content must compel people to stop and engage. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Tell a story with your post

Weaving a narrative into your social media content makes your game feel more relatable, engaging, and memorable to your audience. This can further lead to increased engagement and shares.

Consider crafting posts that tell a story about your game's characters, world, or development process. You could also share a fun anecdote about the inspiration behind a particular game mechanic or give a glimpse of your team's creative process.  

2. Direct your audience to engage

It is essential to encourage your audience to interact with your posts. One way to do this is to ask followers to respond or answer a question related to your game. For example, ask your audience to share their favorite in-game moments or ask for feedback on a new game feature. 

By sparking a conversation and showing that you value your audience's input, you can build a community around your game and encourage more shares and engagement.

ubisoft social media post

Figure 3: Engage the audience by asking them questions. Source: Ubisoft.

3. Address your audience's needs

Consider what questions or problems your players might face, and create posts addressing those concerns. They may have left comments on posts raising an issue. 

For example, create a tutorial post explaining a tricky game mechanic or share behind-the-scenes content showing how you are addressing player feedback. You can build trust and loyalty by showing that you are listening to your audience and working to meet their needs, leading to more shares and engagement.

4. Join a trend

Trend jumping or meme marketing can effectively create shareable social media content for your game. However, it's important to do so in a natural way that fits your game's branding. 

When selecting a trend or meme to participate in, consider whether it aligns with your game's personality and values. If it does, have fun with it and use it to create content that resonates with your audience. But if it doesn't, it's best to avoid it.

5. Add imagery that's WORTH sharing

Visual content is critical to creating shareable social media posts that capture your audience's attention and drive engagement. Not only do visuals grab your audience's attention and help communicate your message, but they also increase information retention. Studies have shown that people retain 65% of the information when presented with an accompanying visual, compared to just 10% when the information is only in text. 

Videos are particularly effective for social media marketing, as they allow you to tell a story and engage your audience in a way that images or text alone cannot.

For example, Riot games created a video tour of their office in Shanghai. This video is the epitome of creativity that the gaming studio is known for, even in off-bet content such as an office tour. It has over 18k views in just two months and is fascinating. 

riot games

Figure 4: Office tour content showing behind-the-scenes teamwork. Source: Riot Games.

6. Make your post easy to engage with

Regarding social media, attention spans are short, and users are looking for quick, easily digestible content. That's why short videos, Reels, and Tweets can effectively share and engage your audience. By creating snappy, visually appealing content that's easy to consume and share, you can increase your audience's likelihood of engaging with it.

7. Appeal to emotions

If you can create a post that makes your audience feel a certain way - joy, excitement, or even anger — they are likely to share it with their friends and followers who feel the same way. To do this effectively, you need to know your audience and understand what motivates them and what your competitors are doing to engage their audiences. 

ubisoft instagram post

Figure 5: Appeal to audience emotions in your posts. Source: Ubisoft.

8. Ask them to share with their friends

Sometimes, the simplest call to action is the most effective. Asking your audience to share your social media content with their friends and followers is a great way to increase your reach and attract new players to your game. It doesn't cost anything and can be as simple as adding a line at the end of your post asking your audience to share it with their network. 

Most shareable gaming content types

Marketing an indie game can be challenging, especially when you're still developing the game. To simplify the process, here are some easy social media content ideas to help promote your game.


Hosting a giveaway can be a great way to encourage your audience to share your content. So make sure the prize is appealing to your audience. You can also partner with other brands to increase the prize pool and attract more participants.


Keeping your audience up-to-date with your game's latest news and developments is vital for maintaining engagement and interest. To make your updates more shareable, consider using visual aids like screenshots or short videos to accompany your text.


Offering a demo version of your game can be a great way to get people interested and excited about it. Ensure the demo is easy to access and use, and consider offering a discount or special offer to players who download it.


If a significant event or development in the gaming industry is relevant to your audience, sharing news about it can help position your game as a relevant and vital part of the conversation. Make sure to add your commentary or analysis to the news to give it a unique spin.


Hosting events like tournaments can be a great way to build community and get people excited about your game. Create social media campaigns around them that include graphics, hashtags, and other elements your audience can share.


Offering discounts on your game or related merchandise can be a great way to incentivize sharing and increase sales. Ensure the discount is significant enough to be appealing but not so much that it hurts your bottom line.


Memes are a great way to inject humor and personality into social media content. To create shareable gaming memes, try using popular gaming characters or references, and make sure the meme is relevant to your audience and your game.

Get your game shared!

Without a solid social media strategy, even the most exciting games can fall by the wayside. It's essential to track your engagement rates while implementing the different methods of creating shareable content. This will help you understand how your audience responds to your posts and provide insights into what's working and what's not. Remember to focus on improving the quality of your content continually.

Besides creating great content, promoting it to your audience and industry influencers is equally essential. Dedicate enough time to get your content out in front of the right people to maximize its reach and impact.

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