BeReal Social Media: 5 BeReal Game Marketing Strategies

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Every month, over 30 thousand apps enter the iOS App Store (source: Statista). Although only a few of these apps are geared toward social media, they all compete for the top spot. Among them, one trend worth noting is the rise in popularity of BeReal. 

Statistics show that this new entrant is making waves:

  • BeReal's social media app had 14.7 million downloads worldwide as of September 2022 on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store (source: Statista).
  • Referrals account for 52% of its traffic, followed by search (38%) and direct (7.8%) (source: Similarweb).

bereal statistics

Figure 1: 10 million people actively use BeReal. Source: Online Optimism

Let's look at what BeReal is, how it works, and what it could mean for your game marketing efforts if the app stays on its current growth trajectory.

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a photo-sharing social media app similar to Instagram's early stages. The app's distinguishing feature is that it only allows users to post one photo daily in a minimal timeframe. 

The central idea is to emphasize authenticity over other apps notorious for users glamorizing their lives through highly edited content.

When you post a BeReal, the app captures the scene from both the front and back cameras, giving your followers an idea of how you look and your current moment. 

The app sends notifications at random times of the day. You are to post a picture within 2 minutes. Once you upload the photo, the app will show your followers how many times you retook it before posting. Also, adding filters, edits, or videos is impossible. 

Figure 2: BeReal's features. Source: iOS App Store

How to set up a BeReal account

BeReal is perhaps the most simple photo-sharing app to use. 

Accounts are as simple to set up as any other social media profile. You only need to follow a few simple instructions, and you are in. 

  • Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • Enter your full name and press the "Continue" button.
  • Enter your birth date and press the "Continue" button again.
  • Select your country, enter your phone number, and click "Continue."
  • Wait for a BeReal text message containing a verification code.
  • Enter the verification code, or if you haven't received one, click "send new code."
  • Type in a username and then click "Continue."

How to post

Every BeReal user in the same general area (using defined "BeReal time zones") receives the same notification simultaneously, and it's an announcement that they can now post their one daily photo.

Reopening the app will immediately activate your phone's camera and display a two-minute countdown timer. You now have two minutes to take a BeReal photo, add a caption if desired, and post it. Or you can add a caption after you've uploaded the photo.

You can retake your picture as many times as you want within those 2 minutes. However, your opportunity is gone if you miss posting in the stipulated time. Also, you need to post to be able to see anyone else's posts. 

BeReal marketing — what you need to know

While BeReal does not allow paid advertisements on its platform, businesses have circumvented this rule by posting unedited, casual content that adheres to the app's guidelines — companies, including e.l.f. cosmetics have used BeReal posts to give followers a sneak peek of new products. While Chipotle, an American fast-food restaurant, has used it to share exclusive promotional codes.

At the moment, the app's creators make their money through investments. But brands can still use the app or be creative with it.

After all, it is a particularly effective marketing technique among the younger generation. Furthermore, it has already proven its worth in other contexts: humanizing work teams daily and emphasizing honesty for content, all with a good amount of humor. Eventually, BeReal will need to develop revenue sources to continue its development, and adding sales functions is the next logical step. So while we wait to see what's next, you can build your brand's profile on the BeReal app. 

Here are some ways you can "soft-launch" your gaming brand's presence on the platform and test the waters for compatibility: 

marketing bulb (1)

1. Behind the scenes of your company and employees

Audiences are fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes of any business. Younger audiences, in particular, expect brands to be funny and honest. Marketers can use BeReal to provide consumers exclusive behind-the-scenes content that makes unscripted and raw shots look cool, on-trend, and, most importantly, authentic. Kiehl's is one such brand. This is evident in the profile picture the brand chose for its BeReal account, which features Kiehl's staff and its brand mascot, Mr. Bones, and their daily publications.

For your gaming brand, you can show a glimpse of your WIP project or your working setup and gear. Are you having a brainstorming session with your team or attending a gaming conference? Perfect for a BeReal post! 

behind the scenes

Figure 3: Beauty brand Kiehl's behind the scene post on BeReal. Source: VistaCreate

2. Be real and related

The entire point of BeReal is to "be real" with your audience. While this does not necessarily prevent you from putting effort into the photos beforehand, it is best to keep everything as simple as possible. The simpler an image, the better and more prepared you will be when sharing your content. You can use BeReal to communicate with your gaming community authentically and help them see a humane side behind your game. 

3. Create offers only found on your BeReal

The BeReal app thrives on community. So why not think of offers exclusively for your BeReal connections? Like on Discord, you can show photos of game drops or new freebies you plan to release anytime soon. You can bypass BeReal's limitations by taking pictures of vouchers and discount codes. While such content contains marketing intent, it is not as direct or intrusive as the others. 

Remember that these shots of vouchers and discount codes are not affiliated because influencers are not involved. For inspiration, check this example from e.l.f. cosmetics. 

voucher on bereal

Figure 4: e.l.f. posted a voucher on BeReal. Source: Open Influence

4. Encourage UGC

To effectively leverage UGC on BeReal, you must first listen to your audience and ensure everyone feels a sense of shared value and community. Customers can interact with brands through UGC using BeReal's unfiltered, unedited content. This direct engagement demonstrates the power of a solid social strategy in which their community is engaged and accessible to other consumers. You can encourage players to create unique content that showcases your game. 

5. Create contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to get BeReal marketing results quickly while increasing engagement and acquiring new social media followers. These tactics are, by definition, real and interactive (a BeReal principle), and people enjoy them because they provide an opportunity to win something they want or need.

If you're a smaller developer, you may not have big money for prizes like gaming gear. However, you can always give early access to your game, name an NPC after winners, or provide a small piece of merch. The goal is to be creative and engage people to interact with and get to know you. 

Some of the contests that you can create:

  • "This is how I look like when I game"
  • "I am a night/day player"
  • "Timing myself while breaking my top score"
  • "Who plays with me?" (show your pets or gaming buddies)
  • "Who has the best game avatar?"
  • "The wackiest way to play this game"

Other ideas

First, don't be limited to what you see other people doing. There are tons of ways to show off your game creatively. In addition, you can also try the tips below: 

Post BeReal memes: If you surf the internet for #BeReal, you will come across memes and posts on Twitter or Instagram. They are often hilarious and generate a ton of comments from others. Got a quirky personality? Show it through a meme and tag it with "Be Real". You may just spark a viral post. 

Cross-post to other platforms: You don't have to limit your BeReal photos to the app. You can always use other platforms where you have a substantial following and reuse the images you took. 

Cross-promote your account: Ask your YouTube or Facebook followers to check and follow your BeReal account. Reddit and Discord communities may also have BeReal users, so remember to ask them to add you as a friend. 

Pink checklist

Gamer social media is a key tool for  game devs!

Social media is your chance to connect with your players and grow into a leading figure in the gaming industry. Get everything you need to know in our complete guide: Your Must-Have Guide for Social Media Marketing!

BeReal with your expectations with upcoming platforms

BeReal is super popular, but that doesn't mean it's time to give up on your other accounts.

It may turn out that the rise of BeReal may be a fad, but for now, it may be best to jump on board and leverage it. Consider it an experimental, organic phase of your marketing strategy for now. Begin building a following and determining what content works and what does not. 

You may find that it is very different from what you have seen success with on other platforms, so it's best to conduct some testing while we all wait to see if and when paid advertising is introduced!

Want some great ideas for your social media marketing strategy? At Game Marketing Genie, we can help you develop some amazing ones. We can also help you with your paid advertising on all other platforms. 

Get in touch today, and let's make social media marketing magic!

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