Game Marketing Agency: 5 Questions to Find the Right Fit

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A game marketing agency can offer a wide range of services and is capable of handling diverse marketing requirements to help you achieve optimal results. A comprehensive list of services, including social media marketing, digital marketing, paid advertising, content marketing, and more, is typically what a full-stack game marketing company can offer.

However, it can get overwhelming when you have to decide which game marketing company is the right fit for you. As we already know, the gaming industry is dynamic and growing exponentially. To thrive in this space, you not only need to create games but also have effective marketing capabilities to promote your game.

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While some game studios handle marketing in-house, the results they get may not always be as expected. In such cases, choosing a gaming agency specialized in such services can be a viable option. They are considered effective for several reasons, including:

  • Knowledge of latest industry trends, systems, and software
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Scalability on demand
  • Expertise and experience; you work with a team of specialists

Moreover, these are just some of the perks you gain when partnering with a game marketing agency. The advantage is evident when you make the right choice. To assist you in making an informed decision, we've compiled a set of questions you can ask a gaming agency.

5 Questions to Find the Right Game Marketing Agency

1. "Do you have experience working with clients in the gaming industry?"

One of the most important things you need to know is whether the game marketing company has had any experience working with game developers and studios. To know more, you can ask about previous clients they've worked with and successful campaigns they've run. This information can provide valuable insights into their ability to promote your game effectively.

If a game marketing agency has been working in the industry for a long time, they'd know how to navigate the waters specific to that industry. That's because inexperienced game marketing agencies cannot sustain in the industry for a long time.

More importantly, in the gaming and pop culture industries, where fandom is significant, brands seek agencies that can devise effective marketing strategies and build communities that can generate brand loyalty.

2. "What marketing strategies can you recommend?"

Before you're ready to talk strategy, define your goals for the video game marketing agency. This information will make it easier for them to evaluate which methods will work best for you. Assuming you're a game developer aware of your game's objectives, then the right agency will be able to develop a marketing strategy that can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

In an ideal scenario, a game marketing agency would create all of its client strategies from the ground up, designing each one specifically to meet business goals and objectives.

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However, they may even suggest improvements to build on existing groundwork your team may have done. This will allow you to see how devoted they are to getting your business, how well they've listened, and their awareness of industry trends. In the end, you need a gaming agency that:

  • Understands the differences between each channel and can recommend one over another to meet a specific goal.
  • Knows how each platform or channel operates.
  • Stays up-to-date on trends and tactics that can offer you a competitive industry advantage.

At Game Marketing Genie, our team brings innovative and creative thinking to everything we do, from concept to execution, and the quality of the output reflects this. 

3. "How does your agency measure success?"

This is one of the important questions you need to ask, as success can have various definitions. When you're screening a new game marketing agency, you need to know how they measure the success of their campaigns. Here are some follow-up questions:

  • How do they measure short and long-term goals?
  • According to the agency, what makes a campaign successful?
  • What metrics and KPIs do they use to measure success?
You should further clarify your expectations in terms of reporting and analytics that would keep you informed concerning the progress and results of the campaign.

If the agency is thorough and accurate during reporting, it can be helpful for you. They should also be able to justify why they spend a specific amount on the campaigns or why they chose a specific course of action.

4. "Who will be handling my account?"

Agencies must provide a human touch. To ensure smooth communication, an account manager is usually assigned, becoming the point of contact for all client-related requirements. The account manager understands the client's campaign goals and expectations and coordinates with their team members accordingly.

The account manager would connect with you to update you on the campaign performance, share reports, or have recurring meetings at a time both parties have agreed upon.

A good video game marketing agency should be adaptable enough to provide the level of communication required by the client to demonstrate campaign health. Similarly, other experts might work on your campaign. The agency may have graphic designers, content creators, campaign managers, and influencer marketing specialists. You can always ask who handles what aspect and their expertise in the area.

Please keep in mind that due to workload management, agencies may only be able to commit a specific person to your account once you commit to partnering with them.

5. "How much would your services cost?" 

You may be keen to work with one agency, but it is possible that the deal might not fall through because of the budget. It all comes down to the cost of the services offered. Make sure to have further discussions only after discussing the costs; check the game marketing agency's approach to pricing.

However, you have an option to start with a trial month for a nominal amount, and if you're satisfied with their results, sign up for a longer tenure. Moreover, if you've connected with a few agencies, you will have an idea of the costs.

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Moreover, you can also ask more about the billing process – more specifically, how and when they do the billing. Is it based on performance or the campaign period? After you ask about their billing processes, follow that up with a specific question about overall or projected cost. Inquire about variables and contingencies that could inflate the costs.

All this and more can give you more clarity on what you can expect and how much marketing budget you need. In addition to the key questions mentioned earlier, here are some bonus questions you can ask:

  • What project management tools do they use?
  • Do they have any case studies or references?
  • Do they have official partnerships with leading search engines?
  • Their area of specialization?
  • The type of information they'd need from you to run campaigns effectively
  • What's the process for working with your team?
  • Are the services provided in-house or outsourced?
  • Do they offer regular reports on status and budget?
  • How often would they communicate with you?

These questions can also be asked as part of your vetting process to help you make the right decision.


Hiring a game marketing agency may not be overwhelming, but finding the right one can seem like a daunting or lengthy process. The right agency can drive revenue and growth for your brand, and if you partner with one that is not aligned with your business goals, it can prove disastrous for your brand.

It's, therefore, important to collaborate with a gaming agency you can trust, one that has the expertise and experience in the gaming industry. At Game Marketing Genie, we ensure we work alongside you by understanding your expectations and delivering optimal results.

We have the skills to provide you with comprehensive marketing strategies and solutions to suit your needs. Our tailor-made campaigns are designed to maximize your return on investment.

If you're curious to know if Game Marketing Genie is the right agency for you, take the next step and schedule a call to explore further. And feel free to ask any questions. Your first consultation is on us!

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