The 7 Key Elements of a Video Game Landing Page

by Game Marketing Genie, on 10-May-2023 11:37:05

Are you seeking the secret formula to convert leads through a video game landing page? You can generate high-converting leads with the perfect blend of essential elements and a little bit of research.

Landing pages are crucial to the success of any video game launch, as they can compel potential players to buy your game. But one needs to ensure that the overall layout of the landing page appeals to the users. Did you know that a two-second delay in page load time can increase your bounce rate by 103%? With video games, the elements on your landing page must be structured and eye-catching to generate downloads but also optimized to keep attention. 

The overall layout of a good landing page

Landing pages are distinct from standard websites despite their superficial similarities. Here are some best practices to follow: 

Making the user interface as uncomplicated as possible when designing a landing page is essential. Keeping the design uncluttered and easy on the eyes is crucial for keeping visitors' attention and highlighting the product's value. Doing this means keeping white space, which helps visitors concentrate on CTAs by making them stand out.  

Conversion rates for landing pages increase when visitors are directed to a single CTA. One-link pages typically convert at a rate of 13.50 percent (source: Unbounce).

Landing page conversion rates can be increased with the help of relevant media. A compelling picture conveys information, shows the product in action, and forges an emotional connection with site visitors. Videos on landing pages improve conversions by 86% compared to text pages (source: Wishpond).

The color choice of your design has been shown to have a significant impact on human psychology. 62 to 90% of people's initial impressions of your product will be based on its color and it also increases brand recognition by 80%, according to a recent study by Neil Patel. 

Landing page conversions can be increased using appropriate color palettes to enhance the user interface and guide user behavior.

color brand recognition

Figure 1: Color increases brand recognition by 80%. Source: Neil Patel

Landing pages should be intuitive and quick to understand. Overly complex layouts that are difficult to scan and contain too many UI elements seldom provide value and significantly decrease conversions on landing pages. Standard website components like headers, footers, and navigation menus should be used selectively.

With these best practices forming part of your game marketing strategy, here are the seven essential elements of a video game landing page. 

1. Headline

Visitors' attention is often captured by the headline they see immediately upon arriving at a landing page. If your players aren't interested within the first few seconds of visiting your landing page, you've already lost them. Think of the headline as bait that either draws in the reader or turns them away. 

The headline's primary purpose is to grab attention, but it also has the additional function of communicating the key points and selling points. You can even use the game logo as part of your headline to hook your viewers.

A good headline for a landing page should be:

  • Attractive and memorable: hooking the audience instantly
  • Concise: immediately communicating the issue it addresses.
  • Urgent: sending a message that now is the time to download

2. Hero shot or video trailer

Featured images serve a purpose beyond aesthetics; they can convey meaning beyond what can be said in words.

The most popular games are fearless in showing off what makes them so good. Using screenshots is the best way to display your game's visuals and tell the audience what you have in store for them. Images have been shown to increase time-on-page, so including them below the fold gives readers who scroll the page something to look at and increases the likelihood that they will stay there. 

But even more so, we'd recommend including gameplay videos on your landing page. These do a better job and showcase not only the visual elements but also the gameplay, audio, effects, and style of your game. In fact, using videos on your landing pages can boost your conversions by 86% (source: Tech Jury), so this is not something you'll want to forget!

Read more in The Complete Video Game Trailer Checklist for Game Devs.

3. Social icons

The weight of consensus can be substantial. Using social proof helps to demonstrate that your product or service is in demand. Customers are more likely to purchase from you if they see evidence that others have also done so or are at least interested. 

After all, your landing page is part of your marketing, but so are your fans. With the correct positioning of your social media icons, interested audiences can follow you and share your content with like-minded individuals. An excellent place to put these is at the top of the page so they're accessible. You can even add your community here! 

Social media icons

4. Description

No one will buy your game if they have no idea what they're getting into. Here's where a summary, or "elevator pitch," comes in handy. The primary goal of landing pages is for the user to download your game, and this is boosted if potential purchasers can grasp your concept quickly and simply. Brief yet informative descriptions will help users learn about your game, its gameplay style, genre, and more.

If you have more to say or show about your game than fits your landing page, that information should be stated on your store page. 

5. Features

Features are another essential element for converting leads. Give potential players a taste of what they could face in your game. For example, you could mention the weapons or bosses they may encounter, the gameplay style of your game, and any accessibility features to help them find something exciting and playable for them. Including screenshots alongside your features will help the reader understand what is described.

6. Calls-to-action

Everything on a landing page for a video game is designed to persuade visitors to take action, such as downloading, wishlisting, or buying the game. Therefore, the CTA should be your primary focus when designing the page. This button plays a crucial role and should not be overlooked.

A landing page's call to action functions like a salesperson's closing statement. It must be explicit, easy to understand, and motivating, such as "download today," "buy now," and "play now." It must also be strategically placed so it is noticed. 

Your page's primary CTA should be visible without scrolling down the page — so it should be above the fold. This means the reader can see it without scrolling down the page.

If required, you could add a secondary CTA for people who scroll down, but that isn't necessary. Pages with only one CTA have a 1.9% higher conversion rate than those with multiple (source: Start Up Bonsai). While this may not seem like much, it can mean all the difference if your conversions are already low. And to make your CTA stand out, you should use a bold color that contrasts with the rest of your design. 

mafia game

Figure 2: This is a clear call to action to watch the trailer of Mafia 3. Source: Game Developer

7. Navigation

The very idea of a landing page is to get people to click on your desired action, so navigation elements are counterproductive. We don't recommend having a menu above the fold, and in some cases don't recommend a menu at all.

If you require a menu, keep it minimalistic. You could also consider adding links to your footer. Those genuinely interested in extra information about your business will seek out that link if needed. This leaves your CTA as the main item that draws attention. 

An effective video game landing page requires the right components and a focus on user engagement. With the right set of elements, you can build a great game landing page and convert more leads. 

The experts at Game Marketing Genie are well-versed in creating landing pages, and would be excited to help you build yours. 

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