How to Create a Video Game Marketing Press Kit

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Imagine your brand being featured in well-known magazines and getting news coverage from renowned news sites and news stations.  That impact on your business would augment your brand awareness and up your product sales, wouldn’t it? This is why the press is an integral part of the success of your game.

Before you release or launch your game, it may not exist to the public per se, but with press releases and media input, you have the power to establish yourself as a breakthrough entrepreneur and put your business on the map. A study by HubSpot reveals that this type of brand consistency that’s maintained across all marketing channels coupled with the power of PR can boost business revenue by 20 percent. Let’s dive deeper to understand how the press can really improve your brand presence in the global market. 

What is a press kit and why does it matter?

A press kit is a document that contains important information about your company and products to educate those who are interested in writing about your organization without needing to contact you.

Every organization has both owned media and earned media channels. While your website, blog, and social media pages are categorized as owned media platforms, your media coverage and reviews that you get on online platforms are your earned media platforms. When you work on your press kit, it helps magnify your earned platforms and reach out to a wider audience, helping you establish your game’s credibility. But the press usually has an incredible amount of PR story coverage requests to address each day. So, if you want great press coverage, you need to create a great press kit. Let’s take a look at what elements go into making a media kit the best. 

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Questions you need to answer with the kit

Press kits are undeniably one of the essential ingredients of successful game marketing strategies. Your media kit needs to tell the press what makes your game excellent and why should your  potential audience opt for it. They need to know these elements to create a full fledged release. In addition to covering the information about your game, your press kit also needs to mention what to do next so your target users can follow your game. Therefore, you need to ensure your kit answers the following questions pertaining to your game. 


You need to speak about who made the game by detailing elements about your studio, developers, and organization. You can furnish this information either in a plain straightforward manner or add a personal touch to make it more attractive. Ensure that you cover your studio name and location, team size, and most importantly your publisher if applicable. Additionally, citing your organization or your game development experience will also give your game an added advantage. 

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The “what” segment needs to include all of the elements that define your game. The information presented in this section helps people know what your game is about by giving them complete coverage. Incorporate details like what the game is, as well as its genre, style, game narrative, and target audience. Try giving them a sneak peek by including captivating screenshots from your game that feature your logo, game title, and your headline. We will look at these items further on in the piece. 


One of the primary reasons to work on your video game marketing press kit is to educate people about your game's launch date or any other important dates. Remember that the release date of your media kit will influence the details you mention. If you’re pre-releasing the press kit way before your end product is ready, your content should create the hype that your game requires without giving away any specific details. Making this move will help you build a community around your game. Things like mentioning whether your game is backed by crowdfunding or Kickstarter funding; or citing if your product is in alpha/beta testing will help the press and your audience understand your game better.


You need to ensure that your audience is notified about where they can buy, follow, download or add your game. This information should be given in the sales information section. Rather than leaving the press directionless, you should also add links to your website, social media, and landing pages. 

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As a game developer, you want to establish a strong connection with your target users and explain why your game is worth playing. This segment should do the same and help you build the connection you’re looking for through a compelling storytelling process which is the heart of all your branding and marketing efforts. Also, explain your unique selling propositions by talking about any technological innovations, art and gameplay elements that sets your game apart from the rest. More importantly, if your organization or team received recognitions or awards from any outstanding organizations or forums ensure to add them as well. 


You'll need to provide information that helps your potential audience find out more about your game, how to add it to their wishlist /waitlist, and important purchase details. See if you can add any images/video that will help them through this process as a “how-to” guide, rather than having to figure out everything by themselves.  

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What else should you include?

Striking visuals are inseparable from a video game press kit, as they help the press tell a story. Including images, videos, character lore infographics, GIFs and more will give your potential audience the look and feel of your game. However, don’t give it all away! The quality of your assets are important, not the quantity.  

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Laying it all out

At a basic level your press kit should contain the following:

Header image

Journalists are engulfed with endless PR coverage requests on a daily basis. Therefore, creating captivating media kits are essential to capture their attention. An attractive media kit needs to have a header image that shows why your game is special as soon as the kit is opened. 


A compelling description gives the reader the gist of what your game is, and any quick facts about the and the team. This section and the header should be close together.


Videos have always been a vehicle to incite the interest of an audience. Capture your target market’s attention by showcasing a trailer or featuring a game demo. However, you need to know that your video can either make or break the deal. Work with a gaming marketing agency that creates spellbound video concepts to help you leave a powerful impact on the press and your audience. 


High resolution screenshots and graphics of your game are a must for any good video game marketing press kit. Showcase these assets to give the audience a glimpse of what’s in store for them.

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Writing in third person helps the press directly grab pieces from your kit. Also consider using words like gamers, users, or audiences which will help them to easily create your story. 


If you’ve won any noteworthy awards or been featured in industry magazines, industry news sites or newspapers, you must include them in your kit! Citing them in your media kit will position and imprint you as thought leaders in the press’ mind. 

Press release

You must prepare a press release to include, which will make up much of the kit. Try including a selection of recent press releases from the last six months in your kit that feature your product launches and relevant company announcements. It should contain enough information for the press to easily grasp what you’re featuring. 

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Now that you have an idea of the elements that make up a compelling press kit, you are all set to draft one. Whether you’re drafting a media kit for your game for the first time or you’ve done it previously but not satisfied with the coverage you got earlier, we understand that constructing a well thought out video game press kit can be difficult. You don’t have to worry about these issues if you collaborate with a well-established and accomplished video game marketing agency.

The team at Game Marketing Genie can help you construct a strategic and influential video game press kit that will bolster your game’s positioning in the industry and draw the attention of your target audience. 

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